Northbound: Season 2 Teaser

Picking up shortly after the events from the first season of Northbound, Cataclysm survivor Alex and his comatose daughter have joined a nomadic community called The Infinity Group.

As events unfold, The Infinity Group becomes entangled in a regional power struggle between a dangerous militia, and a covert government group planting stakes in the Northern Woods.

The four-episode opened was filmed over a 10-day period in Michigan towns of Norway and Sagola, as well as the former KI Sawyer Air Force Base in Gwinn. In addition to reuniting with the Michigan-based crew, the production also brought on numerous local crew talent, production resources and cast extras to help bring the larger locations to life.

Northbound is an arts and community-driven Web series component to a larger universe known as the Northstar Saga. This season will ultimately lead into an independent storyline of new characters, plot and science-fiction perimeters, which will be the feature film Northstar.

The second season of Northbound premieres this coming spring right here on GeekNation.