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‘The Final Girls’ Trailer Will Make Any Horror Buffs Out There Smile With Delight

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I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge horror movie guy. Part of it is because I’m a genuine wimp that doesn’t like being scared, and the other part is that they just never seem to do anything for me. A lot of the times, any new additions to the genre wind up feeling bland and generic nowadays, and therefore end up leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth. There are occasional exceptions to the rule, movies like It Follows or even The Guest both ended up being not only solid and enjoyable throwbacks to the films that defined them, but also managed to be inventive and refreshing with their styles and stories.

However, for every It Follows, there seems to be two new versions of The Vatican Tapes or Ouija, and it seems like the best horror movies nowadays end up being the ones not enough people see, and are the indie horror films that breathe new life into what has often become a tired genre. Every now and then though, there comes along a new horror movie that manages to make fun of horror films, while also being a genuinely good addition to the genre.

We saw that with Drew Goddard’s Cabin in the Woods a few years ago, and we may be seeing it yet again with the new SXSW hit, The Final Girls. I’d try to explain the plot of the film, but it seems so unique and fun, that I’ll just let the new trailer explain the movie for me. Check out the full teaser below:

The movie has been receiving nothing, but positive praise coming out of every screening so far, and also boasts one of the more impressive young casts of any film this year. The visual style and references to not only classic horror movie cliches, but also to horror filmmaking structure makes The Final Girls look like a movie that will play well for both all you horror fanatics out there, along with those who can barely stomach most of the genre’s movies.

Comedy stars like Adam Devine and Thomas Middleditch should help to bring in some viewers who might not have bothered to check out the film otherwise, and here’s to hoping The Final Girls is received with as much passion and love as it looks like it was made with.

The Final Girls is set to hit theatres on October 9th.

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