Take A Look at Some Previsualization Shots from ‘Thor: The Dark World’

By November 26, 2013


Visual effects coordinators for multi-million dollar action films use previsualization (or “pre-viz”) compositions as a way to create a computer generated early draft of the film’s big action sequences. It’s a great way to not only save money, but make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes time to actually start rolling. There was a time when it was very rare for the public to ever see these kinds of things outside of behind-the-scenes videos and Blu-ray/DVD extras, but it’s becoming more and more commonplace for videos like this one from Wired to make their way online while the films they tout are still in theaters.

In any case, it’s kind of cool to see how the animatics have improved over the years and to see how close the initial effects plans were to what we saw in the final product. This one looks specifically at Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World and features a brief interview with the movie’s director, Alan Taylor:

Thor: The Dark World is in theaters now. Read our review here, and check out the perspective of a comic book fan here.

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