Tasty New Footage From ‘Pacific Rim’ Emerges

By July 1, 2013

REGARDLESS of what the tracking says (more on that in a minute), sci-fi, action geeks and fans of Guillermo del Toro alike are champing at the bit for the upcoming summer blockbuster, Pacific Rim.

This latest clip (courtesy of Time.com’s Entertainment section) features a brawl extraordinaire between a GIANT monster and a “Jaeger” (mecha controlled by humans…think Robot Jox) swinging an oil tanker around like a wiffleball bat has me DROOLING.

ENOUGH jibba jabba! Get ready for 46 seconds of AHHHHHHH!!!!


Now let’s talk about this pesky “tracking” thing…

Most of the time, a tracking report can tell a studio how their film is going to fare at the box office. Conducted three times a week by L.A. firm National Research Group (although some studios prefer MarketCast), NRG cold calls a random preset list (usually 400 or so) of the American public across six age, gender and race brackets; surveying what upcoming movies they know of (i.e. trailers, press, etc) and the ones they’re going to hit theatres for. Every new film in wide release appears on said surveys with NRG then estimating the first weekend’s box office gross…and studios spend hundreds of thousands a year for this information. (source: The Daily Beast)

The scuttlebutt is the early numbers for Pacific Rim are inexplicably dismal, showing that those surveyed would rather see the Adam Sandler-fueled sequel Grown Ups 2 rather than this EPIC “Robot Jox meets evil Godzilla“-fueled summer blockbuster; thinking it’s nothing more than some kind of “Power Rangers”-knockoff or anime film.

I, for one, am NOT concerned at all for Pacific Rim‘s plight because as the reviews and more tasty clips emerge, the excitement will be palpable. The other reason I don’t trust those tracking numbers is this: had they pulled their sample from the 125,000 plus who attended San Diego Comic-Con last year, I GUARANTEE you the numbers would be VASTLY different.

Truth be told, I WILL see both Pacific Rim and Grown Ups 2; I’ll leave it to you to guess which one I’ll wait to emerge on cable.


Pacific Rim opens July 14th and I…CAN’T…WAIT.

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