TBS Orders Another Season of ‘American Dad!’ from Seth MacFarlane

By November 18, 2014

After living on Fox for 10 and a half seasons, Seth MacFarlane’s animated series “American Dad!” moved over to TBS for the second half of the comedy’s eleventh season beginning last month. And now the cable network has ordered up more.

Today, TBS announced that they ordered an entire 22-episode season of the hit show. “American Dad!” has been a huge success on TBS, airing on its new Monday timeslot at 9pm ET, making it one of basic cable’s top three shows at that time, and one of the top five in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

Here’s the a quote from Deborah K. Bradley, executive vice president, head of program acquisitions, content strategy and licensing from TBS:

We are thrilled with American Dad!’s performance  to date and are confident the show is going to continue its tremendous success. By ordering a new season while the current season is early in its run, we’re ensuring that Seth MacFarlane and his team will have the freedom to take the misadventures of the CIA agent Stan Smith and his family to a whole new level.

American Dad

Fox has always had problems paying proper attention to their original programming, leaving fans displeased with the cancellation of at least one or two shows each season. But it’s fantastic that TBS was able to rescue the show, and they were no doubt eager considering all the reruns of “Family Guy” they were already airing.

For many, “American Dad!” maintained consistent quality comedy, perhaps even surpassing the fan favorite “Family Guy,” the show which was also canceled by Fox and then revived thanks to huge DVD sales. The show’s return ended up reviving the career of Seth MacFarlane, and now he’s an animation giant, and has ridden that wave to big screen comedies like Ted and A Million Ways to Die in the West.

As long as the numbers stay strong, you can expect TBS to keep renewing “American Dad!” for many years to come.

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