‘Tekken’ Movie Star Jon Foo to Star in the CBS Series Adaptation of ‘Rush Hour’

By March 4, 2015

Just last fall we learned that CBS was bringing the action comedy film franchise “Rush Hour” to the small screen in the form of a TV series adaptation, and now a cast for the project is coming together.

Deadline reports Tekken movie star Jon Foo has landed the role originated by Jackie Chan as Detective Lee in the TV series adaptation that will see its pilot directed by National Treasure helmer Jon Turteltaub, who will also executive produce.

Foo may not be as well known as Jackie Chan, but the Chinese and Irish actor is a trained martial artist who has also done extensive stunt work in films like Batman Begins, just like Chan, and he’s very well known internationally. This could be his big break in the United States, much in the same way Chan became a household name because of the film franchise.

Rush Hour

The series won’t deviate much from the film series and promises to be yet another crime procedural following Lee (Foo), a reserved, by-the-book cop from Hong Kong who arrives in Los Angeles to work on a case, only to be paired with Carter (played by Chris Tucker in the film), a cocky LAPD officer with little interest in showing around his new partner or playing by any of the rules. Surely hilarity and conflict will ensue.

Brett Ratner, who directed all three of the original film franchise installments, will executive produce the series as well, with Bill Lawrence also executive producing and writing the pilot script. As of now, there’s no indication as to who will play Carter, but maybe CBS will round up Brandon T. Jackson to star? He was going to lead their “Beverly Hills Cop” series that never got past the pilot stage, so he’s already got a history with the network.

If this show were on any other network besides CBS, I’d be more interested, but their series line-up always leaves something to be desired. In the past few years, only “Person of Interest” and “Elementary” have tickled my fancy, while the rest merely seems to be something for old people to watch while they leave their TV on and nap. But maybe this will be different. Stay tuned.

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