‘That ’70s Show’ Star Topher Grace Launches “Cereal Prize”

By February 7, 2014

If you’re a fan of “That ’70s Show,” you probably identified with Eric Forman – the guy who loved Star Wars, “Star Trek and G.I. Joe as much as he loved Donna Pinciotti – and now the guy who played Forman has done something I know that character would’ve created himself (if he were a real person).

Launched on Thursday, Topher Grace’s new site Cereal Prize features sketches, re-edited movie trailers, unaired pilots and previously unseen works (like “Fez And Friends: That 70,000 B.C. Show”) spread across normal (“Home,” “Music,” “Trailers”) and hilariously named categories (“Great Shit,” “Funny Shit,” and “Self-Centered Shit”) under the watchful eye of Grace himself.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, around 85% of the content has been floating around for some time (now with a CP spin on them) and the rest will be original content created by Grace, who came up with the idea back in 2012 when he took Star Wars 1, 2, and 3, edited them into ONE 85-minute movie and released it into the internet ether. The funny part is that it trended on Twitter for quite some time while Grace himself had yet to join the 140-character network.

Grace told THR he started Cereal Prize because “I tried social media, and for me, 140 characters is not enough to say anything. There are comedians who can write great jokes in that space, but taking a picture of an omelet I had, [with] hashtag yummy, is not interesting to me,” and Cereal Prize is “content I’m interested in; it’s a way to share stuff with people that’s a little bit more (than 140 characters)”

Grace also feels Cereal Prize will find its audience among the geek and not-so-geek communities as “The Internet is the opposite of network television. Instead of there being three networks there’s an infinite number of things, and it’s more about whittling it down to whatever you like. If you love something, just do it; the community will come to you.”


With a tasty site background designed by the EPIC Ramon Perez (Jim Henson’s Tale Of Blood And Sand, Wolverine & The X-Men) that’s chock FULL of film and TV references as well as the funny snark only Topher Grace can provide (like tasty little marshmallows in your Lucky Charms), I have a feeling Cereal Prize is gonna be around for a long while.

Because I’m a longtime fan of Topher Grace (and because I love you), I leave you with a blown-up image of Perez’s background for CP so you can test your own knowledge and see how many references you can spot!

cerealprize shot


Be sure to head on over to CerealPrize.com for a taste test then be sure to hit up Grace on Twitter and tell him what you think of the site…and how he should TOTALLY come to GeekNation Studios and be a guest on Gecken!

(Hint Hint Double Hint, Mr. Grace! Ha ha.)

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  • Aiman Fida

    I`m definitely interested in this. Cool Idea!

  • Christopher D Wellborn

    I wasn’t a fan of That 70’s Show, but I do like Topher Grace. I’d like to see him do more. He seems to either play a side character in a huge movie, or a main character in a small, low-budget.

    • Jermaine M Dupuis

      Agree. I never watched it either but I do really like Topher for some reason.