The 2013 Midseason: 10 New Shows We Can’t Wait For

By January 4, 2013

The holiday hiatus is over and we’re on the verge of many a show’s return as well as premiere. Besides the triumphant return of Arrested Development, as well as the highly anticipated return of The Walking Dead, Archer and Justified, there are a big group of new midseason shows making their premiere in the coming months. Here are 10 selections that stand out of the bunch.

The Following
Network: Fox | Premiere Date: Jan 21

The Following stars Kevin Bacon as former FBI agent Ryan Hardy who is brought in to help the FBI track escaped serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). Hardy helped capture Carroll in 2003 and now that he’s out, he begins to put his “students” to work resulting in a bunch of drama and murder. From the mind of Kevin Williamson (Dawson’s Creek, The Scream Franchise), here’s hoping The Following can live up to the buzz.


Network: FX | Premiere Date: Jan 17

Following in the footsteps of Wilfred, FX is bringing another Australian comedy onto their lineup. Legit stars Jim Jeffries as “Jim”, Dan Bakkedahl as his brother “Steve” and D.J. Qualls and Steve’s brother “Billy”. Written by Jeffries and Peter O’Fallon, Legit looks like it may just be the Australian answer to Louie. Here’s hoping it is, since we have another year until Mr. C.K. returns with a new season.


Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan
Network: BBC America | Premiere Date: Jan 22

This premise seems pretty simple which I suppose also makes it pretty great. Domonic Monaghan is apparently a huge geek when it comes to bugs. So this show from BBC America looks like a no brainer. Each episode will follow him around in different jungles and deserts as he goes crazy over creepy crawlies. Yeah, I’ll be watching!


The Americans
Network: FX | Premiere Date: Jan 30

It only took roughly 30 years for the concept of a Cold War Era TV show to sound intriguing. The Americans stars Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell as two KGB sleeper agents posing as a suburban American Family in 1980’s America. It was when I heard the news that Margo Martindale was added to the cast that my interest was piqued. Intriguing, to say the least.


House Of Cards
Network: Netflix | Premiere Date: Feb 1

Netflix continues the pattern of releasing original programming with the first series from David Fincher. House Of Cards stars Kevin Spacey as ruthless Congressman Francis Underwood. Underwood and his wife Claire (Robin Wright) stop at nothing to conquer everything. This political drama penetrates the shadowy world of greed, sex, and corruption in modern D.C. Kate Mara (American Horror Story) and Corey Stoll (Midnight in Paris) costar.


Zero Hour
Network: ABC | Premiere Date: Feb 14

As the publisher of Modern Skeptic Magazine, Hank Galliston (Anthony Edwards) has spent his career following clues, debunking myths and cracking conspiracies. But when his beautiful wife, Laila (Jacinda Barrett), is abducted from her antique clock shop, Hank gets pulled into one of the most compelling mysteries in human history, stretching around the world and back centuries. Zero Hour was created and written by Paul T. Scheuring (Prison Break) and looks like a pretty awesome TV mashup of National Treasure meets The DaVinci Code.


Network: CW | Premiere Date: Feb 19

I’ve been waiting a while for this one. First teased at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, Cult is finally coming to The CW. The series centers on Jeff, a journalist blogger and Skye, a production assistant on the popular Cult television show. The story follows them as they investigate fans of the series who begin re-creating the crimes committed on TV. Looks like some tasty meta entertainment right there.


Bates Motel
Network: A&E | Premiere Date: March (TBA)

Described as a mash-up of Twin Peaks and Smallville, due to the combination of nostalgic ambiance and bizarre macabre subject matter, The Bates Motel follows young Norman Bates and explores the relationship he had with his mother Norma. While this show is Norman’s back story, it seems it takes place in modern times which is an interesting detail. Much like Hannibal, this series skipped the pilot phase and headed directly to series. While not the first attempt to bring a Bates Motel story to television, the combination of Carlton Cuse (LOST) and Kerry Ehrin (Friday Night Lights) sounds like a great team to put this show on the air. Here’s hoping it lives up to the legacy of the Psycho franchise.


Orphan Black
Network: BBC America | Premiere Date: March 30

BBC America is bringing an action-packed addition to its Supernatural Saturday lineup with Orphan Black, a new original sci-fi scripted series starring Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany (The Vow). The show follows the story of a girl named Sarah, who assumes the identity of a dead woman only to later learn the deceased is her clone. This sends Sarah down the proverbial rabbit hole as she attempts to unravel a twisted and dark conspiracy all while trying to stay alive.


Network: SyFy | Premiere Date: April 15

I first heard about Defiance at E3, of all places. Weird place to hear about a TV show, unless of course, it’s a TV show and also a MMO. And that is exactly what Defiance is! Developed for television by Rockne S. O’Bannon, the SyFy series follows Jeb Nolan (Grant Bowler) after serving in the military with a race called The Votans during the great war. Once the war is over, he returns to St. Louis to find it’s now a refugee camp called Defiance. Looking like quite the detailed Science Fiction story, one can simultaneously view the show on TV and then continue the story in the online game. A revolutionary idea in transmedia programming, here’s hoping this concept holds up throughout the season.


Honorable mention to Newsreaders on Adult Swim, Deception on NBC, Banshee on Cinemax and Red Widow on ABC.

It’s true, besides these and the ten I mentioned above, there are still a gaggle of other new programming slated for their premiere in the not so distant future. So, TV fanatics, what will you be setting your DVR for?

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