“The Boondocks” Returns To Adult Swim For A Fourth And Final Season

By March 21, 2014

Today, I received the BEST press release ever from my absolute FAVORITE channel on the PLANET, [adult swim], and in this epic press release contained some “YAY!” and “Whaaaa?” moments.

Let’s begin.

After a FOUR YEAR break, “The Boondocks” is back!


The fourth and final season of a show I define as “urban anime” (and one of my favorite comic strip/cartoons EVER) seems like business as usual – Huey, Riley and Robert (a.k.a. “Granddad”) Freeman still in Woodcrest and while Granddad (John Witherspoon) tries to ignore his grandkids Huey and Riley (of whom he is legal guardian) while they continue to “fight the man” as only a 10-year-old versed in the works of MLK, Malcolm X and beyond (Huey) and his 8-year-old gangsta rap culture immersed foulmouthed brother (Riley) can. P.S. Huey and Riley are both brilliantly voiced by “Southland” and Jerry Maguire star Regina King.

Of course, the usual suspects are also back, including Uncle Ruckus (Gary Anthony Williams, “Malcolm In The Middle,” Undercover Brother) and The Freeman’s neighbors – Woodcrest’s assistant district attorney and the possibly most uptight black guy you’ve ever met Tom Dubois (Cedric Yarbrough, “Reno 911,” Black Dynamite); Sarah Dubois (Jill Talley ,”Camp Lazlo”), his caucasian wife who has a slight obsession with Usher (which fans of the show are already well aware of) and daughter Jazmine (Gabby Soleil, Johnson Family Vacation), a bubbly girl with the coolest afro puffs I WISH I could pull off and happens to be Huey’s best friend.

And because I don’t want to you to miss a single word, what happens in season 4 comes STRAIGHT from the release.

The new season finds Huey, Riley and Granddad encountering a roster of characters, both new and familiar, in uproarious situations, including Granddad’s dating a long lost Kardashian sister; their friend Tom DuBois acting as R&B bad boy “Pretty Boy Flizzy’s” lawyer in exchange for relationship advice; Granddad’s love affair with Siri on his new iPhone; and the Freemans’ foray into the lethal black market of the hair-care industry à la “Breaking Bad.” Throughout the final season, an eclectic mix of hip-hop artists, actors, comedians and media personalities will voice guest characters on the series, including Jenifer Lewis (Think Like a Man), Dennis Haysbert (“24”), Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Ghostface Killah, CeeLo, Lil Wayne, Donald Faison (“Scrubs”), Aisha Tyler (Balls of Fury), Kym Whitley (“Reno 911!”), Tichina Arnold (“Everybody Hates Chris”), Mo’Nique (“The Parkers”), Marion Ross (“Happy Days”), Tavis Smiley, Terry Crews (“Brooklyn Nine-Nine”), Bill Duke (X-Men: The Last Stand), and Cedric the Entertainer (Talk to Me). Reprising their guest roles from last season are Xzibit, Charlie Murphy, MTV’s Sway and Katt Williams, among others.

I never doubted but am stoked to learn a lot of the guest voices like Charlie Murphy (Ed Wuncler, Jr), Katt Williams (A Pimp Named Slickback) are back but there’s one sentence in the release that caught my eye.


The release also stated that Cedric Yarbrough is “returning as the voice of fan favorite Colonel H. Stinkmeaner (above) in addition to Tom Dubois.” Am HOPING this means we’re getting a “Return of the Return of Stinkmeaner” episode; THAT would be exquisite. Remember when the ghost of Stinkmeaner was booted from hell so he took over Tom Dubois’ body, causing The Freemans and Uncle Ruckus to exorcise his spirit? Comedy GOLD, I tells you.

Check out the teaser, yo!

What gives me slight pause is the creator Aaron McGruder is NOT a part of this final season –  “this season was produced without the involvement of Aaron McGruder, when a mutually agreeable production schedule could not be determined.​”

This could mean McGruder needed to concentrate on his new live-action scripted comedy for [adult swim], “Black Jesus” (which he co-created and executive produced with “Trailer Park Boys” creator Mike Clattenburg) where Jesus Christ finds himself present-day Compton, CA, and yes, he’s also black. But if his departure is due to something more sinister, he’s not telling anyone at the moment.

Either way, I look forward to all of it!!!

The Boondocks

The final season of “The Boondocks” kicks off with episode 1, “Huey’s Redemption,” on April 21st, only on [adult swim].

How do you think this season will be without McGruder? Was four years too long to be away? I know my answers but I wanna hear YOURS! Sound off below!

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  • Adriana Rimini

    No problem. I`ll still watch it though there would be no McGruder.