‘The Conjuring 2’ Trailer Is Here!!!

By January 7, 2016

You put that cross back where it belongs demon!!!!

The Conjuring dropped into our fears and hearts way back in 2013 and made a ridiculous amount of cash. As is typical with horror flicks the studio was so enthused with the money they made a spinoff called Annabelle. About a doll. It wasn’t loved. 

That being said we should all love Annabelle because it held the Studio at bay and instead of getting a rushed, garbage The Conjuring 2 we have what appears to be a horror sequel that actually took some time and care. So in essence and un-intentionally Annabelle was used as a human shield to protect The Conjuring 2. 

The Conjuring 2 brings back Ed and Lorraine Warren as well as the script writers of the first film and most importantly the director of the first film, James Wan. This time the team is dealing with The Enfield Poltergeist which was another haunting about a woman and her four children whom the entity seems to be stalking. Check out the madness for yourself:

We’ve all been there; waking up inside a freaky house stuck on the ceiling and that’s why I don’t drink tequila anymore.

Did anybody else jump at the jumpy part? I shamelessy did. I loved the camera shot of that spinny toy thingie when the credits began to show right before the madness. It’s excellent shots like that which shall keep my milkshake coming back to the yard. I don’t think I said that right.

Milkshakes aside, The Conjuring 2 seems to have brought it’s best effort back for another go-round. Can we tell for sure this film won’t be a dud? Ofcourse not; it’s a horror sequel. The good news is I don’t see anything in this trailer that gives us reason to worry.

We may just yet have another surprise hit on our hands, not only financially but critically. I just want someone to scare me again. Stay tuned to GeekNation for more reasons not to drink tequila! Also, Conjuring 2 updates.

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