‘The Crazies’ Director Breck Eisner Will Direct ‘The Karate Kid 2’

By April 8, 2014

Hey, at least he knows his way around a possibly poorly conceived remake.

Deadline reports that director Breck Eisner, who most recently directed the 2010 remake of The Crazies, is now set to helm The Karate Kid 2. The Jaden Smith- and Jackie Chan-starring sequel to the 2010 smash hit has long been in the works, and the attachment of Eisner will only push the film forward.

Not much is known about the film’s plot, but it will reportedly come with a script from Zak Penn (The Incredible Hulk), Ethan Reiff (Kung Fu Panda), and Cyrus Voris (hey, also Kung Fu Panda!). Maybe it will be like Kung Fu Panda meets The Incredible Hulk?

Eisner is also known for directing Sahara, the 2005 Matthew McConaughey-starring film based on the Clive Cussler novel of the same name, which was a relative box office success (it made $122M!) that was also a technical bust (its bloated budget made what should have been a straight success a financial fiasco that cost Paramount Pictures over $100M) with some legal troubles to boot. Good thing Paramount isn’t the distributor on Karate Kid, amirite?

Breck Eisner

Despite the fact that Eisner has not helmed a film in over three years – a lifetime in Hollywood, especially for a young guy like Eisner – he has plenty lined up. He’s also attached to direct no less than four other films, including thriller Manhunt, action fantasy The Last Witch Hunter, another fantasy titled Blood of the Innocent, and the sci-fi horror film The Brood. And, yes, the sense that Eisner is into scary stuff with a thrill makes the decision for him to direct Karate Kid 2 all the more bizarre – unless, of course, he’s going to be taking this into one heck of a new direction.

The original (or, well, the original remake) opened in the summer of 2010 and went on to make a staggering $359M worldwide, effectively turning young Jaden Smith into a movie star. Smith hasn’t had much work since that film, however, and his much-hyped pair-up with father Will Smith, last year’s After Earth, was critically maligned. Though it made $243M worldwide, it only pulled in $60.5M in the U.S., making it one of Papa Smith’s lowest performers ever.

Although Smith is reportedly set to return for the sequel, the teen star doesn’t necessarily seem sold on stardom — his Twitter feed is often peppered with, well, interesting ruminations on life. Perhaps his unique philosophies will be worked into the big budget feature?

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