The Crix Files: Welcome to the Justice League (Brewery)

By July 7, 2015

Whilst perusing the internet, I will search for random, weird things. This time around, I typed in “Superhero Beers,” and the wondrous images found were not only above and beyond what I ever hoped for, they all linked back to the same person: Marcelo Rizzetto. A graphic designer currently living in Orlando, Fl, Rizzetto has a love for the JLA/DC Universe and it shows in his collection appropriately titled “Super Hero Beers“, and it’s all I’ve ever dreamed of.








I’m SUPER grateful Rizzetto didn’t make the “Wonder Woman” beer a wine cooler a.k.a. “cheerleader beer.”

IF this place actually existed, I feel like the “Twins Framboise” should be sold in two packs and I would buy the HELL out of them; I do love a good Lambic. Which would be your drink of choice?

And if you’d like to check out more of Rizzetto’s amazing work (including a “vector Batman”) be sure to follow him on Twitter!

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  • GooglesTruly

    The Dark Beer should have been a Porter, calling everything an Ale is just lazy. and the alcohol percentages are way off. cute idea, but its the little things that ruin it for me :/