‘The Crow’ Reboot Set to Begin Filming Next Year

By September 7, 2016

Hollywood has been trying to make a reboot of The Crow for years now, with actors like Luke Evans, Jack Huston, Bradley Cooper, James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston, Norman Reedus, and more all rumored and/or officially attached to the project at different times. However, after recent rumors had connected him to the reboot, it looks like Jason Momoa may have been the name that The Crow reboot was looking for after all this time.

TheWrap is reporting that following rumors of Momoa playing the iconic comic book character, the actor will be heading into production on the reboot after principal photography on Justice League ends, with a shooting schedule for The Crow set to begin in January 2017.

Considering that Momoa is also tapped to lead James Wan’s 2018 standalone Aquaman film as well, it looks like he’s going to be going on a bit of a comic book streak for the next several months.

The reboot will be directed by Corin Hardy, and will of course follow the story of Eric Draven (Momoa), who is resurrected by a mystical crow after he and his wife are left for dead following a brutal attack, and uses it as an opportunity to take vengeance upon those responsible.

It’s also important to note that the new film will not be a remake of Alex Proyas’ 1994 Crow film either, which starred the late Brandon Lee in the titular role, but is instead said to be much more faithful to the original graphic novel by James O’Barr. Momoa is an actor that’s been on the rise for quite some time as well, and while a number of the other actors who have been attached to the project over the years have been great, it seems like the pieces may have just come together at the perfect time in Momoa’s career for he to finally be the actor that helps get the long-troubled project off the ground.

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