The CW Orders Pilots For ‘Frequency’ Re-imagining, Archie Comics ‘Riverdale’, Monster Show & More

By January 30, 2016

The CW is bringing the business.

With superhero shows like Arrow, The Flash and now Legends of Tomorrow already under their belt, not to mention Supernatural and I-Zombie; the network has been making quite the name for themselves in the name of big time, interesting titles and according to Deadline, they aren’t even close to being done swinging for the fences.

Word is they have ordered pilots for the following: (deep breath)

Archie Comics’ RiverdaleA strange, dark twist on the characters from Archie Comics that has Betty, Veronica and their friends in a Pleasantville type situation. They’ll be investigating the darkness and strange happenings of what seems like a wholesome small town on the surface. It’ll be live action and it will be dark. Rumors have it there’s a buff Archie and an Aderall popping Betty and I couldn’t possibly make that up.

FrequencyYes, it is based off the underrated 2000 Dennis Quaid science fiction, time travel flick.  This version has a female police detective who realizes she can contact her dead father via ham radio. The two then start working an unsolved murder, only to realize that they are screwing with time and we all know how that goes. It’s written by Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver, who will co-produce with the writer of the original, Toby Emmerich.

TransylvaniaThis one is most exciting based on the synopsis. A woman’s search for her father leads her to (you guessed it!) Transylvania, where she and a disgraced detective witness the birth of the most famous monsters in history and yes, that escalated quickly. If done right (hopefully with a decent budget) this could be a cool idea for a horror/monster show. We shall see.

No Tomorrow– A romantic comedy meant for Mondays, this one involves a romance on a timer set for 8 months and 12 days. Yet another comedic show about the end of the world;  I wonder what made all the TV show people so obsessed with our demise. The brazilian series it’s based on How To Enjoy The End Of The World did win an emmy, though.

Untitled Mars Project – This is going to require a budget unless it’s supposed to be a comedy. Originally titled Colony; a group of people head off to join some others and colonize Mars. Only when they get there, everyone has vanished and their exploratory mission becomes one of mystery and danger. What’s really exciting about this that it’s inspired by the lost colony of Roanoke Island; always a good base for a creepy story.

It remains to be seen which of these shows will take off and which we may never even see. That being said there is some interesting and attractive ideas going on over at the CW. From monster birth to Archie, strange things are afoot at the Circle-K.  Here’s hoping these ideas pan out with some originality and don’t get watered down for TV too much.

Which show are you most interested in, GeekNation? Stay tuned for more updates!


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