‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Batpod Just Sold For a Ridiculous Amount of Money

By September 29, 2016

Christopher Nolan and his team did a fairly exceptional job when it came to coming up with new designs for Batman’s vehicles in The Dark Knight trilogy, and while none probably can quite match The Tumbler, there’s no denying that the films’ version of the Batpod sits right up there near the top as well, as one of the cooler and more memorable twists on the comic book lore that appeared throughout the three films.

Introduced in The Dark Knight, the Batpod appeared again steadily throughout The Dark Knight Rises as well, and now without Christian Bale or Anne Hathaway to ride it, it the film’s version of the vehicle recently went up for auction and sold for a fairly ridiculous price.

Where estimates and the sale price for the vehicle had placed it at around $80,000 – $110,000, the actual prop ended up selling for much, much more than that when someone purchased the vehicle for a whopping $406, 184. Yes, in case you were wondering, someone did just spend almost half a million dollars on Batman’s batpod from The Dark Knight Rises. Here’s the kicker too: it’s not even in working condition anymore.

Well, it’s only missing a few key parts anyways, before it’s ready to go down the road again, if anyone was actually brave enough to try and take that thing for a spin in public. According to reports, the vehicle is currently only missing a throttle controls, a battery, and a fuel pump, but comes equipped with a Honda 750-cc engine.

So basically, there’s someone out there right now that really, really loves Batman.

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Alex Welch

Alex Welch

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