The ‘Deadpool’ Co-Creator Has Seen The Movie & Has Some Strong Thoughts

By January 21, 2016

They have recently been giving out surprise screenings to some very lucky Deadpool fans.

Co-creator Rob Liefeld has had the luxury of seeing the film twice already and his feelings are about to make your feelings feel like good feelings. Does that make sense? I’m confused. Where am I right now? Anyways, here’s what he had to say:

This is my second time seeing it and it was even better than the first time. That sounds like something Deadpool would say. But, here’s the deal; twenty-five years worth of Deadpool. This movie comes out twenty-five years to the day we published him at Marvel and you couldn’t get a better gift if you’re a Deadpool fan and I have seen twenty-five years of stories come and go and Rhett (Reese) and Paul (Wernick) will tell you – back in 2009 I freaked out when I read the screenplay because Deadpool has never ever been better than he was in that screenplay and when I saw this movie six weeks ago I was like, ‘How much of this script will carry?’ and what you just saw is the best version of Deadpool I have ever experienced in my life.

The dude who made the dude says this is the best the dude has ever been. Fans were sold before on the casting, then the leaked footage, then the trailer and now the newest trailer. Can’t think of a single bad thing I’ve heard about this movie except for censors wanting to censor it and that just makes the hardcore fans want to see it even more. Thanks to for the story and as always, stay checked in to GeekNation for more Deadpool updates!

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