The ‘Fallout 4’ Launch Trailer is Here!

By November 5, 2015

One of the biggest videogame releases of the year, Fallout 4, is less than one week away. Today Bethesda Game Studios released the Official Launch Trailer for the highly anticipated RPG. The trailer helps set the stage for the players showcasing some of the sights and sounds players will experience in the Boston Wasteland.

The trailer also sheds some light on the story of the game that to this point has been kept under wraps. The narrator mentions a group calling itself the ‘Institue.’ They are apparently threatening every inhabitant of the wasteland including enemy staples the Raiders and Super Mutants. Some of the characters who we’ll be encountering in the world are also shown off as well as some destructive post-apocolyptic action to cap it off.

Do yourself a favor and give it a watch below. Be sure to check back to beginning this Monday for more of our coverage of Fallout 4. The game is set to launch worldwide on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 10th.

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Mark Turcotte
Mark is the host of GeekNation Gaming News and is a writer here at He is also the creator and host of Guardian Radio, a podcast dedicated to Bungie's shared world shooter Destiny.
  • E Chu Ta

    Gonna try to play it on my 560 ti. Blew all my fun money on Star Wars stuff.