The Film Pigs Turns 200 This Week!

By June 10, 2016

For several years now, The Film Pigs have contributed their comedy and film opinions to the world in glorious, fun fashion. But yesterday morning, the show posted their 200th episode of the show, a milestone that few other series ever even dream of reaching. Coming from Todd Robert Anderson, Stephen Falk, and Stephen J. Skelton, has called the show an Afternoon Delight, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t agree.

In honor of the 200th as well, we thought we’d take a moment this week, to speak with one of the Pigs himself, Mr. Todd Robert Anderson, about some of his favorite moments in the show so far, and what hopes he has for the future of The Film Pigs. But first, what does it even feel like to reach episode 200?

“Crazy. I never thought we’d be doing it this long, but GeekNation never told us to stop. It may have been an oversight, like Milton in Office Space. Happy mistake, though, because I think our satire has become sharper than it’s ever been. Also, we’ve enjoyed an awful lot of popcorn.”

What about some of their favorite moments throughout the past two hundred episodes?

“There are so many. This question intimidates me. I’d say that Steve Falk’s Ted 2: This Time He’s a Toilet killed me because, you know, the toilet talked. And Clare Kramer had to sit on it! I always love when Steve Skelton writes a Trevor Trumptin sketch because I relish the opportunity to pretend I’m Steven Seagal. But who can forget our Springbreakers trailer where the three of us wore bikinis and such? Hopefully everyone, actually. Falk’s Kaufman riff with Jonathan Mangum was great; Skelton’s computer thriller with Alex Blagg was brilliant. And I loved the vision of Dee Wallace mowing people down with a machine gun in her episode. Recently, the master class in how to get shot on film was pretty darn silly. I could go on for ages. So much fun!”

So what can fans expect from the future installments?

“If you haven’t liked what we’ve done in the first 200, that ain’t gonna change.”

And to that we say – amen. If you haven’t watched the 200th episode yet as well, what are you waiting for? Check it out below:

You can watch all 200 episodes of The Film Pigs right here.

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