The First ‘Batman v Superman’ Premiere Reactions Are Here

By March 21, 2016

Following its premiere last night, the first official reactions to DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have finally arrived, and after several weeks of reportedly mixed reactions and reviews of the film, these should be able to boost optimism at least a little bit. Even if you might not want to put too much stock into their actual weight.

The consensus seems to be overwhelmingly positive from the group of people and fans that were lucky enough to see the film last night it looks like, with several calling it one of the best superhero films ever made, although that could just be the kind of initial excited reactions that we’re all prone to after seeing an event film like Dawn of Justice.

Check out the reactions below:

Again, it seems like the reactions themselves sound like they came as people were literally walking down the street from the premiere, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. It’s nice to see that fans are enjoying the film as highly as they are, and after all, no matter how the critical reception ends up coming down, if you end up enjoying the film then that’s all that will really matter, right?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will hit theatres this Friday, March 25th.

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