The First Trailer For ‘Bourne 5’ Will Play During The Superbowl

By January 29, 2016

Bourne is back and still doesn’t remember his name!

Actually, I’m sure they have a title for the newest Bourne movie, but are keeping it under wraps until the debut of the trailer on Superbowl Sunday, per the Facebook page of new Bourne Author Eric Van Lustbader:

The first trailer for the new Bourne film will be shown during this year’s Superbowl telecast. At that time I believe you’ll find out the title of the film. (I know it, but I’m sworn to secrecy). So tune in on February 7th to check out all the excitement. I, for one, can’t wait!!!

We’re expecting to find the malfunctioning $30 million dollar weapon in a dark place following all the crazy world events that have taken place since we last saw him, but have no word on an official plot at this time. I can’t help but imagine how insane it would be if they decided to go Deadpool, break the fourth wall and have him returning after being stranded alone on mars for four years in The Martian. (kidding)

Perhaps the title reveals some sort of spoiler they don’t want known until the trailer takes place, maybe dealing with a current political event. Either way, here’s a pic of Jason Bourne filming that totally debunks my previous Martian theory because you don’t get ripped eating one potato a day. Or do you?


Bourne 5: Fight Club will enter theaters July 29, 2016. Many fans are psyched to see Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass back after The Bourne Legacy didn’t actually knock anyones socks off. That wasn’t Jeremy Renner’s fault, however; just a movie with it’s own issues.

Do you expect a return to glory for the franchise with the fifth installment, GeekNation? Stay tuned for more updates!


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  • David Johnson

    Didn’t Pamela tell Him His name in the Ultimatum? Maybe they’ll have Him Kill the spinoff bourne so it can’t come back to haunt Us!!!!