‘The Flash’ Midseason Finale Will Feature the Return & Debut of Some HUGE Characters

By November 19, 2015

We knew going into it that season 2 of The Flash was going to be even more ambitious than the previous season, with the introduction of the multiverse and characters like Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears), Zoom (Tony Todd), and Earth-2 Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). Not to mention all of the set-up that has been made for the newest spin-off series, Legends of Tomorrow, with the introduction of characters like Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl and more. However, the show has done a good job at incorporating all of the familiar characters from last season as well up until this point, with the inclusion of small names like Linda Park, and the return of Gorilla Grodd in this week’s episode.

(Something tells me that The Flash writers room has a lot of names written on whiteboards and an entire wall of strings keeping track of each ongoing storyline, and I do not envy them at this point.)

With this year’s crossover between The Flash and Arrow about to happen though, it looks like the creative team are planning on ending the first half of this season with a bang, and the midseason finale might just be season 2’s craziest episode yet (if you can believe it).

The CW has officially revealed the synopsis for this year’s midseason finale (H/T Comicbook.com), titled “Running to Stand Still”, which will air right after this year’s crossover event. The episode will feature the return of some familiar, villainous faces including Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold, Liam McIntyre’s Weather Wizard, and Mark Hamill’s The Trickster. Oh and the episode will also feature the onscreen debut of Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West, who many comic book readers will know as Kid Flash from the comics. Read the official synopsis below:

“Running to Stand Still” — MARK HAMILL, WENTWORTH MILLER AND LIAM MCINTYRE RETURN; KEIYNAN LONSDALE JOINS THE CAST AS WALLY WEST — When Mark Mardon AKA The Weather Wizard (guest star Liam McIntyre) returns to break Leonard Snart AKA Captain Cold (guest star Wentworth Miller) and James Jesse AKA The Trickster (guest star Mark Hamill) out of Iron Heights, Barry (Grant Gustin) must stop these rogues from taking over Central City during Christmas. Meanwhile, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Iris (Candice Patton) meet Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale). Kevin Tancharoen directed the episode written by Andrew Kreisberg (#209). Original airdate 12/8/2015.”

Ever since Lonsdale’s initial casting a few months ago, it’s been a mystery as to when the iconic and beloved comic book character would finally be introduced into the story. However, those who have kept up to date with the season up to this point will likely have been paying attention to the continuing references and hints at Iris’ long-lost brother she never knew about, and Joe’s previously unknown son. There was even a small hint that the character could be showing up sometime soon in this week’s latest episode, and it looks like one DC’s most iconic Speedsters is already on his way.

We don’t yet know if Wally will already be a speedster in the series, or just a normal kid who later on gets his powers. Considering there are already three established speedsters in the series right now though, I don’t know for sure if the writers will be quick to getting to Wally’s powers right away.

The past few episodes have done a lot for The Flash after a bit of a rocky start earlier this year, with Zoom finally becoming established as the show’s most dangerous villain yet, and many of the sub-plots and other storylines finally being put back on track, and it will be interesting to see how the midseason finale is planning on wrapping up some characters’ fates, while also teasing what’s to come in the second half.

Oh, and I most definitely am looking forward to seeing Mark Hamill’s Trickster return. I just hope they give him some licorice again.

The Flash midseason finale will air on the CW on Tuesday, December 8th.

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