‘The Good Dinosaur’ Featurette Focuses on Pixar’s 20 Years of Magic

By October 19, 2015

For the past twenty years, Pixar Animation has not only been putting out some of the best animated movies of all time, but films that have managed to transcend their format. Accessible and relatable to adults, teenagers, and kids – the films have always had an iconic Pixar heart and emotion that almost no other studio, animated or not, has been able to replicate. We’ve cried, laughed, and cheered throughout their films, and they feel like one of the few studios in Hollywood that genuinely cares about every single one of their projects.

After taking a year hiatus in 2014 too, Pixar came back with one of their all-time best in Inside Out, an intellectual and emotional film about the relationships in our lives and growing up. The animation studio isn’t done with 2015 though, as they have one more film set to come out in a little more than a month with The Good Dinosaur, that promises to be one of their most heartfelt and adventurous films to date.

A new featurette for The Good Dinosaur has been revealed online, and it not only highlight’s the movie’s lead friendship between Arlo and Spot, but some of the more iconic friendships throughout the studio’s past films as well. Check it out below:

Not only does The Good Dinosaur boast some of the most breathtaking animation in the history of the medium though (just look at the image above), but the movie looks like one of the most genuine films the studio has ever made. Considering how heartfelt and insightful Inside Out was earlier this year too, that’s saying something.

All of the movie’s trailers, and the footage shown at this year’s D23 Expo have announced this movie as one to watch out for in this year’s Oscar season. The studio made history in 2011 when Toy Story 3 managed to be one of the few animated movies to ever be nominated for Best Picture, and it looks like the studio may be trying to capture lightning in a bottle yet again this time around.

The Good Dinosaur will hit theatres on November 25th.

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