The Great Doctor Who Re-Watch: Week 2: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

By January 7, 2013

Hey-hey Whovians — welcome to week two of the GDWRW 2013 blog! As you can see, we’ve moved the blog posts about my weekly progress watching all of the available episodes of Doctor Who between January 1 and December 31, 2013 over here to the lovely confines of GeekNation. We’re thrilled to be here!!

If you’re righteously confused as to what this weekly blog post is about, check here and here for the full details of this self-imposed challenge I’ve made myself for the coming year. If you’re not keen to click the links, I’ll summarize: 2013 is the 50th anniversary of the epic sci fi television show, Doctor Who. 2013 is also the  year that I, Kate Kotler – geeky writer, host of Comix Chix (right here on GeekNation – note my sly plug) – turn 40.* In celebration of these two things, I am attempting to watch the 770 episodes of Doctor Who which are available via DVD, VHS (yes, I may have to go there) and streaming before the clock strikes midnight and 2013 becomes 2014. And, apparently some people are joining me in this quest!

Last week I heard from Jenna Lang (aka, @Mercy) and @Technogeisha via Twitter who have said “we’re in” to the challenge. Though, Jenna has stated that she’s going to watch chronologically, as she feels there will be loads of warm n’ fuzzy childhood memories associated with going from A to Z in proper order.

If you’re just joining us, don’t worry, you’re only 15 episodes behind. You can find the list of what we watched last week by clicking here. For those who jumped into the Who swimming pool last week without checking to see if it was in the library first, how did you do? Please update me on your progress by leaving a comment on the blog, Tweeting at me or shooting me an email. And, did anyone notice what I did with last week’s list? Knocked out all those pesky one hour Christmas episodes right out of the gate.

This week we’re going to split our difference between New Who and Classic Who episodes. Yes, we’re going back in time to 1975 and the Fourth Doctor (played by Tom Baker) to find out about how the world’s most annoying pepper pots -the Daleks- came to exist. Plus we’re going to watch the non-Doctor Doctor Who episodes (some of my favorites) and we’re going to get the dreaded Doctor Who movie out of the way.

Before the list, here’s a couple of things to consider: In regard to The Genesis of the Daleks, before 2005 Doctor Who episodes were labeled and broadcast in a very different way, as you’ll note with Genesis of the Daleks. Originally, they were broadcast as serial arcs (kind of like comic books) with anywhere from four to seven weekly hour installments. This serial is part of the 12th season of Doctor Who, starring Tom Baker (the one with the hat and crazy long scarf for you non-Whovians) with the beloved late Elisabeth Sladen as his companion.

And, now the Doctor Who movie… oh, poor-poor-poor Paul McGann (aka, The Eighth Doctor), little did he know he was destined to become a Whovian joke. Basically, the Doctor Who movie was an attempt to bring the phenomenon of Doctor Who to the United States before its time. And, as is typical of when someone tries to make a British hit into an American hit (*coughCouplingcough*) they mucked it up properly. It remains, to date, the only appearance on screen of the Paul McGann Doctor — though, according to Wikipedia there was a line of novels, comics and audio plays which kept the series afloat until the 2005 return. Personally, I’d love to see Mr. Moffat bring back Paul McGann for the 50th Anniversary special. Just sayin… I almost forgot! The Master is in the movie, played by none other than the batshit crazy brother of Julia, Eric Roberts! Yippee!

This week I’m going over to my friend Lauren’s to watch Love and Monsters and Blink, while playing Doctor Who Monopoly (which I got from my friend Josh for Christmas.) I think that we’re going to play a drinking game during Blink – such as, every time they actually blink, we drink. Should be good fun and I will report back next week. In addition, I’ve thrown in the pair of episodes with Craig Owens (played by the hilarious James Corden of Gavin & Stacey fame) – these are two of my favorite episodes starring the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. And, for contrast, we’ll be watching the rest of the Weeping Angels episodes, to see how properly Steven Moffat screwed the pooch with what could have been his scariest Doctor Who monster.

Now your watching list:

The Great Doctor Who Re-Watch — Week Two:

  1. Genesis of the Daleks (Season 12; 4th Serial; Ep. 1) — 4th Doctor/Sarah Jane
  2. Genesis of the Daleks (Season 12; 4th Serial; Ep. 2) — 4th Doctor/Sarah Jane
  3. Genesis of the Daleks (Season 12; 4th Serial; Ep. 3) — 4th Doctor/Sarah Jane
  4. Doctor Who the Movie (89 minutes; 1996) — 7th Doctor/8th Doctor/Grace Holloway/The Master — REGENERATION EPISODE!
  5. Genesis of the Daleks (Season 12; 4th Serial; Ep.4 ) — 4th Doctor/Sarah Jane
  6. Genesis of the Daleks (Season 12; 4th Serial; Ep. 5) — 4th Doctor/Sarah Jane
  7. Genesis of the Daleks (Season 12; 4th Serial; Ep. 6) — 4th Doctor/Sarah Jane
  8. Love and Monsters (Series 2; Ep. 11) — Elton/Ursula Blake
  9. Blink (Series 3; Ep. 11) — Sally Sparrow/Larry
  10. The Time of Angels (Series 5; Ep. 5) — 11th Doctor/Amy Pond/River Song
  11. Flesh and Stone (Series 5; Ep. 6) — 11th Doctor/Amy Pond/River Song
  12. The Angels Take Manhattan (Series 7; Ep.5) — 11th Doctor/Amy Pond/Rory Williams/River Song — LAST EPISODE FOR CURRENT COMPANIONS!
  13. Turn Left (Series 4; Ep. 12) — Donna Noble/Rose
  14. The Lodger (Series 5; Ep. 12) — 11th Doctor/Craig Owens
  15. Closing Time (Series 6; Part 2; Ep. 5) — 11th Doctor/Craig Owens/Stormegeddon (Alfie Owens)

50 weeks left, 30 episodes watched, 740 episodes left!

*Shocking, I know. I look about 27, right?