‘The Interview’ Grosses $40 Million in Digital Sales

By January 20, 2015

Even after a series of setbacks to the studio that created it and terrorist threats made against it, Sony Pictures’ The Interview is still managing to make some money.

According to a report from Variety, the controversial film has taken in over $40 million in digital sales after the studio scrambled to come up with a release strategy when major theater owners pulled out of exhibiting it in their theaters. After that happened, Sony first announced that they would simply cancel any release, before performing an “about-face” and releasing it online from several different streaming partners. It became something of a point of pride for moviegoers to watch it, since for many it was a small act of defiance against the terrorists that attempted to make watching the film a scarier experience than it was designed to be.

Even with the relatively impressive gross from a hastily put together release strategy, its not entirely clear if The Interview will end up being profitable for Sony. While previous reports placed the budget at anywhere between $42-44 million, the final cost of production and marketing may end up being closer to $75 million according to Variety‘s “reputable insiders.” While it did see a limited theatrical release, ticket sales have been negligible, totaling about $6 million domestically.

Although an upcoming home media release has been encouraging in the past, sales of the DVD and Blu-ray formats continue to fall, and they may not be enough to pull The Interview into black ink. Still, even if it doesn’t end up making Sony a lot of money, the legacy of the film’s release will likely end up being more powerful than the film itself.

For more on the final performance of The Interview, keep an eye on our site. If you have yet to do so, you can read our review of the film as well.

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Chris Clow
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