‘The Jungle Book’ Sequel Already in Development at Disney

By April 11, 2016

It looks like Disney’s latest live-action adaptation of a classic story may be their most successful yet, after already receiving critical acclaim and easily being their most visually and thematically ambitious adaptation, the Jon Favreau-directed update of The Jungle Book is almost destined to be a success for the studio at this point, and as it looks like they’re already well aware of that possibility too.

According to a new report from THR, the studio has just greenlit a sequel to the film, with both Favreau reportedly in talks to return as director, along with the film’s screenwriter, Justin Marks, though there’s no word on whether or not the two filmmakers will sign on.

Blending live-action elements with an entirely CGI and digital world, the film marks a further exploration into this style of heavy special effects laden filmmaking, and judging by the reviews of the film so far (including mine), it sounds like the most triumphant film in the form yet.

Favreau’s precision skillset and Marks’ enthralling iteration of the classic story are what make the film so successful as well, so it’s not hard to see why the studio would be so interested in seeing them return for the sequel. The fact that the director managed to bring in such a fantastic, star-studded cast for the film continues to prove why he’s become such a veteran in the industry at this point as well, and if I were Disney, I’d do my absolute best to keep him in their camp, whether it be on this sequel or not.

The Jungle Book is set to hit theatres on April 15th.

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