The Kroll Show: The Best Sketch Comedy Show On Television

By January 28, 2013

There, I said it. The Kroll Show is the funniest/best sketch comedy show on Television right now, so if you like sketch comedy, I recommend you set that DVR and GET ON IT.

The characters are memorable, and the writing is strong. I watched this week’s episode three times, and each time I caught lines that I had missed the first few times because I was laughing over them. The writers and the entire cast of the show are all extremely talented. I found myself googling cast members that I wasn’t familiar with. It’s environmentally friendly comedy in that no talent is wasted in the production of this comedy show. He’s got a great team, and gives them all great material to work on. The creative team behind the show is clearly passionate about the show that they are creating, and that passion is evident in every sketch.

It’s so frustrating (in sketch comedy) when the sketches are not as funny as the comedians/actors in them, but The Kroll Show gives these amazingly talented comedians great characters to play, and great words to say. Even the opening title sequence is hilarious. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by adding this show to your queue.

Also yes that was Andy Milonakis in this week’s episode and yes he killed it.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Bobby Bottleservice

Rich Dicks

Doctor Armand

New episodes Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central. Follow @nickkroll @akaBobbyB & @JonDaly on Twitter because they’re friggin’ funny.

You should also check Nick Kroll out in The League. Another excellent show that you should dolphinately add to your DVR queue.
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  • Ruffian

    meh. The intro is the best part.