‘The Little Mermaid’ Film Adaptation May Have Found Its Director

By December 16, 2015

After initially losing Sofia Coppola at the helm, it looks like The Little Mermaid may have finally found its new director. The film has been in development for just over two years now, and is said to resemble the original Hans Christen Andersen story rather than the beloved Disney classic. Coming just a month or so after the casting of Chloe Grace-Moretz as the title character in the film as well, it looks like Universal Studios is finally finding its feet again (no pun intended) with this adaptation.

Now, TheWrap is reporting that Electrick Children filmmaker Rebecca Thomas is reportedly in talks to direct the new film, with Richard Curtis coming on board to pen the newest version of the script. Thomas is also signed on to helm the film adaptation of John Green’s beloved novel, Looking For Alaska, but since the film has yet to cast its female lead, it is still unclear which project Thomas is looking to take on first.

However, the report does also state that Thomas will still direct the Alaska adaptation, with Elle Fanning emerging as the studio’s top choice for the moment.

From the beginning, Sofia Coppola being at the helm was about the only thing that separated this adaptation from any of the other live-action fairytale “reimaginings” in the works right now. Then when the long-time art house director left the project reportedly due to creative differences with Universal and Working Title, it looked like the adaptation may have lost its one rare gem.

Landing Moretz in the lead role though, and now the possible addition of Thomas as well makes it seem like The Little Mermaid is preparing to go down a different path than it had originally been set for, but that might not be a bad thing in the end. With both this and Looking For Alaska, Thomas seems to be one of the hottest young directors in the industry right now, and after her directorial debut teased her full potential as a filmmaker, it looks like she might finally have the chance to live up to that promise.

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