The Man Responsible For The DC TV Universe Once Pitched an ‘Iron Man’ Movie to Marvel

By September 7, 2016

If there’s one person that we have to thank for the DC TV universe right now, it’s Greg Berlanti, the creator and producer extraordinaire who has helped to make the DC television adaptations onscreen right now (on the CW at least) thrive better than even some of the comic book films being released nowadays. The creator is set to push back out onto the film scene again with his Booster Gold film for DC, but it looks like he may have been ahead of the curve on one of Marvel’s most important films as well.

In an extensive interview with Vulture, where he also revealed that the Booster Gold movie will not be taking place within the same universe as the DC Extended Universe, Berlanti revealed that he actually pitched a dark Iron Man movie to Marvel, three years before the Jon Favreau-directed film was released.

Check out the small excerpt from the interview below:

What was your first superhero project? Was there something early on that never came to fruition?

“I kept telling people in the industry that I loved comic books as a kid when Iron Man hadn’t been made yet. I pitched on that.”

You pitched an Iron Man movie?

“I did, yeah. Somewhere around 2005.”

What was your pitch?

“There was that movie with Nic Cage where he’s a gunrunner. Lord of War. Marvel wanted that feeling. Tony [Stark] was an alcoholic in it by then. My pitch certainly wasn’t as good as the eventual film. So everyone made the right choice.”

Now, the Iron Man film did actually borrow elements from Lord of War surprisingly enough, especially in the prologue before Tony becomes Iron Man in the film, though it’s all handled with a much more sarcastic tone and feel than it probably was in Berlanti’s original pitch. He’s right though, he went on to launch the DC TV universe, while Marvel went on to make the 2008 Iron Man film with Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr., that is of course, the film we have to thank for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe at this point.

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