‘The Marvel Experience’ Interactive Tour is Abruptly Canceled

By July 6, 2015

As something of a touring, indoor theme park, “The Marvel Experience” is an interactive tour through the Marvel Comics universe that puts attendees into the heart of that fantastical place by making them agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and giving them the opportunity to interact with many of comics’ most beloved characters in new ways. Although already landing in cities like San Diego, Dallas, and Phoenix, it looks like the entire thing is coming to a screeching halt.

According to Deadline, “The Marvel Experience” concluded its three week tour in Philadelphia yesterday, and will now closing down immediately. Producers gave no reason for the closure at the time they issued the statement. Additional cities that the tour was scheduled to stop in included Chicago through the remainder of July, New York through mid-August, and St. Louis through most of September, but those cities will no longer be visited due to the cancellation. Although likely getting no shortage of audiences of all ages from children to adults, reviews for the event were tepid, if the aggregated score and various check-ins on its Yelp page are any indication.

The attraction, which reportedly cost $30 million to create between Marvel Entertainment and a company called Hero Ventures out of Los Angeles, is actually not the first Marvel-related frustration for the L.A.-based company. They were also some of the financiers for the chronically troubled Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which currently holds a record as the most expensive Broadway production in history, and featured a string of technical issues that ended up injuring several performers. While the cause of this tour can only be speculated without an official statement, it’s certainly unusual, and the website and social media channels make no direct reference to a cancellation.

If you’ve already purchased tickets for the canceled cities, refunds should be available from whichever outlet they were purchased from. If more news on the reasoning for the cancellation develops further, GeekNation will publish an update to this article.

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Chris Clow
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