‘The Ring’ Gets Another Sequel A Decade After The Previous One

By July 18, 2014

I’m not a huge horror film guy – you can listen to Killer POV and The Bloodcast for in-depth coverage of all things horror – but I feel like 2002’s The Ring remake ushered in a new wave of Japanese-style horror films for American audiences. It was a big box office success and I remember it being a big deal when it came out because it really terrified a lot of people and sort of re-introduced American audiences to the concept of creepy children on film. A sequel came out in 2005, but it wasn’t nearly as well-received.

But who says ten years between movies is too long? The Wrap reports that The Ring 3 has found its director, and that man is F. Javier Gutierrez, the guy who’s been hired to direct the upcoming remake of The Crow, starring Luke Evans. I’ve never heard of him until today, but Gutierrez has apparently been hot sh*t in Hollywood since his sci-fi short Before The Fall debuted and wowed a lot of people.

The Ring Samara

I think after the inundation of Japanese horror films like The Grudge, Dark Water, The Eye, Pulse, and more, it seems like American audiences grew weary of that style of film. But will they return for a sequel to the American remake that kicked this whole movement off? What crazy hijinks will Samara get up to this time? Will this one be about hipsters who find a VHS copy of the tape from the first movie, or will Samara jump into a Blu-ray or streaming service to update this thing for modern times? They should probably just leave this franchise alone, but if they think there’s money to be made, nothing is going to stop them.

There’s no word yet on when this movie will go before cameras, who’s attached to write it, or who will star in it, so unless they get moving quickly, The Ring 3 won’t hit theaters until at least 2016.

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