The Rock Confirms He’ll Play Black Adam in ‘Shazam’

By September 3, 2014

He’s been teasing comic book movie fans for years and years, and now we finally know which superhero Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will play – and he’s actually not a superhero at all. He’s more of a supervillain. The actor tweeted the following image this morning:


So even though a Shazam film has yet to be officially confirmed by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, this seems like proof positive that this is one of the many properties they intend to turn into a movie between now and 2020. That aligns with earlier reports that indicated a Shazam movie was on the way, and of course aligns with Johnson’s near-constant hints and teases since the project was first seriously contemplated six or seven years ago.

Black Adam

Now fans can finally stop wondering, and more importantly, Johnson can finally stop being cryptic about who he’ll be playing. Variety reports that Darren Lemke (Goosebumps, Jack the Giant Slayer, Turbo) has been brought on to write the screenplay, and if that’s where they are in the development phase, it’ll probably be a few years before we actually see this hit the big screen.

For those who aren’t aware, Black Adam was traditionally a villain in the comic books, but in recent years, the character has been reworked into more of an anti-hero who is trying to clear his name. As long as they keep either of those iterations in tact for the film version, it should be good for Johnson, who is likely looking forward to playing a larger-than-life character with more complexity than some of his other big-screen heroes he’s embodied over the years. Are you looking forward to seeing Johnson play Black Adam? Let us know below!

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  • 420leanin

    I love movies based on comics and this one looks dope! The Rocks roll fits him gotta put this on a list