The Rock Gives More Hints As To Who He’ll Play in the DC Film Universe

By March 25, 2014

Dwayne Johnson is in Las Vegas for CinemaCon, the annual gathering of the National Association of Theater Owners during which the studios trot out some of the world’s biggest movie stars and try to get people excited about their upcoming blockbusters. He’s there to promote Paramount’s Hercules film directed by Brett Ratner, but the ridiculously charismatic actor (can you tell I’m a fan of this guy?) couldn’t resist the urge to tease comic book movie fans about his potential plans to one day play a “real” superhero.

On Twitter this morning, Johnson answered a couple of fan questions about his involvement with DC Comics:


Dwayne Johnson 5

ComingSoon also has a more detailed breakdown from the actor about his future plans:

Like everyone here in the room, I love superheroes, and we’ve been having ongoing discussions, myself and DC, for years about the right character. What would the right character be? And that’s another thing, too. It just had to be right. I won’t tell you who it is, but I’ll tell you the three qualities we’re looking for and I’ll let you guys figure it out, This is going to be fun. Here are the three qualities:

The first quality we were looking for is that he had to be extremely complex and have a lot going on and what that does for me as an actor and for the studio, just gives us space that we can explore his complexities. The other quality is that the character we were looking for had to be well known but never brought to life. That does, again as an actor, is that it gives me a little bit of space and it just gives me a chance to put an imprint into his personality with the set of tools that I can bring to the table and put a very unique twist on his personality but still pay homage to who he is. The third thing and most important is that he had to be a badass mother***ker and on a Superman level of power where he could throw down.

In those three qualities, I’m happy we’ve found that character and right now we’re out to a lot of writers.

Back when he was promoting Get Smart, Johnson was in talks to star as the villainous Black Adam in a Shazam movie. That never got off the ground, but it’s a project and a character that’s stayed with him over the years. Could this recent batch of announcements mean that he’s one step closer to playing the role? If so, why all the secrecy all of a sudden? It’s not like he’s been quiet about his interest in playing this character in the past. Could it mean that he’s spoken again with the studio about playing Lobo, the motorcycle-driving, foul-mouthed badass? A lot of speculation I’m seeing points toward Black Adam, because it makes more sense for DC to incorporate that character into its Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman unified universe it’s currently creating. But I think it’d be pretty freakin’ rad if he ended up playing Lobo and THAT character was tied into that universe as a sort of chaos-loving antihero who just rolls in every once in a while to eff things up for the traditional heroes.

Who do you want Dwayne Johnson to play in a DC film?

And in case you missed it this morning, here’s the trailer for Hercules:

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