The Schwartz Awakens: Mel Brooks is Working on a ‘Spaceballs’ Sequel

By December 19, 2015

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens demolishing every box office record ever, it’s clear that excitement for the franchise has never been higher than it is right now. These are glorious times we live in, friends. Not only is there a new Star Wars movie out, but it’s actually good! What more could we possibly ask for?

Well…how about a sequel to the greatest Star Wars parody ever? Might that tickle your fancy? Comedy legend Mel Brooks, in a recent appearance on Adam Carolla’s podcast (via Nerdist) revealed that he is currently in the beginning stages of production on a sequel to his beloved 1987 spoof, Spaceballs. That’s right, kids. They’ve gone plaid.

With the tentative title of Spaceballs: The Search For More Money (LOVE IT!), Brooks hopes to begin filming sometime next year. He also hopes to bring back as much of the original cast as possible which, well, is unfortunately easier said than done. Three stars of the original, John Candy, Dick Van Patten, and Joan Rivers, are sadly no longer with us. Rick Moranis, good ol’ Dark Helmet himself, has been mostly retired from acting for over a decade, save for some voiceover work here and there. Obviously these are not completely insurmountable obstacles (Son of Barf, anyone?), but it’s obviously too bad that Brooks won’t have several major players from the original back. But hey, at least he’ll still have Bill Pullman. And I imagine Daphne Zuniga’s available.

Casting issues aside, we’re still pretty amped about this one. After all, it’s Mel Brooks. Rather, it’s Mel Brooks making fun of Star WarsSpaceballs is one of Mel’s finest works, and now that he has four more movies to make fun of (the prequels and Force Awakens) we’re sure he’ll be able to deliver another hilarious spoof. The Schwartz is strong with this one.

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Joe Ruggirello
Joe is a writer, retired comedian, and giant nerd. He's particularly fond of comic books, pro wrestling, and Godzilla. Oh, and that Star Wars thing. You can yell at him on Twitter @JoeRu23.