The Season 1 Supercut of ‘Northbound’ Opens Up a Pandora’s Box of Mystery and Revelation!

By October 14, 2015

The filmmakers behind Northbound Season 1, Seth and Nathan Anderson and Jason Hagen, recently held a sold out screening of the entire first season at the Braumart Theater in their home town of Iron Mountain, MI. For those unfamiliar with the exclusive series here on GeekNation, here is a quick synopsis:

The series set in an abandoned, post-cataclysm wilderness, Northbound follows a handful of survivors as they eke out a daily existence and slowly unravel the mystery of an event that killed millions in a single day.

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The sold out showing at the Braumart proved to be a hit with the audience and now, here on GeekNation, we are proud to screen the supercut of the first season that will set up the future second season.

Check out the supercut right here:

We were also lucky enough to talk with producers Seth, Nathan and Jason and here’s what they had to say about the big event!

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LA-based crew with Iron Mountain, MI native Steve Mariucci (who gave a videotaped intro to the Supercut), L-R: Adam Bradshaw, Seth Anderson, Steve Mariucci, Nathan Anderson, and Gary M. Bettman. Credit: Andy Chinn

Producer Jason Hagen had this to say about showing Northbound in Iron Mountain, MI:

The public was just amazed at the production value that has gone into the series, showcasing locations all around the UP, many of which have gone unknown to many locals. This supercut, and the private premiere of episode 6 really solidified our stake in the UP and has paved the way to bring Northbound season 2 and a stand-alone Noreen project to the region next year, and Northstar beyond.


Entire crew of the series Northbound, L-R: Fay Mannon-Rahoi, Austin Kalcec, Nate Alwine, Katherine Alwine, Nick Jensen, Dan Englund, Adam Barkle, Jason Hagen, Nathan Anderson, and Seth Anderson. Credit: Jason Asselin, U.P. News & Video

Writer/director Seth Anderson talks about how special a screening it was at The Braumart Theatre; a theatre he went to growing up:

The Braumart was the only theater running new movies when Nathan and I were growing up. When you are a creative kid in such a small town like Iron Mountain, places like the Braumart become an absolute haven. After being replaced by a larger theater in the 90s, the Braumart has gone through a few hands and has been converted into a space that primarily hosts live theater and music events. Our Northbound screening was the first time a movie has screened there in maybe 20 years, and I don’t think Nathan and I would have chosen any other spot to show it. It definitely felt like we were coming full circle, and giving love back to a place that meant a great deal to our development.

What’s great as well is that part of the proceeds from the Northbound screening went to ‘Friends of the Braumart;’ a group looking to restore the theatre to its former glory.

In addition to raising awareness in the area for an ongoing film project that is being shot in the region, it also moved the needle a bit on the efforts being made to make the Braumart a revitalizing force in downtown Iron Mountain. I couldn’t be happier that our project has been able to contribute in some small way to this goal.

On the screening itself:

As for Northbound, the timing was right for us to do a world-premiere of the final episode of our first season, so I think we’ll continue to premiere exclusive content at the theater as we move forward with the project. Throughout the summer we planned a pretty thorough marketing campaign but I’d say we only had a rough idea of what the turnout would be. On the night of the event, I was lurking mostly backstage, so I wasn’t fully prepared when I walked out to see a full house during my introduction. I did sense there was a growing awareness within the community that a film was being shot there, but this was not something any of us could have predicted. We ended up selling out the venue, packing the theater with roughly 450 people. There was a 30 minute Q&A following the screening, and we announced plans for season 2 of Northbound.

The rest of the crew is currently writing and planning Season 2 of Northbound for a 2016 release that will lead-in to a planned feature film. Both the new season and feature film have dubbed: The Northstar Saga; a larger story about ‘the new world that forms out of the ashes of what was once the United States.’

Everyone on the crew, from Seth and Nathan to Jason, are excited for the opportunity to continue Northbound; which you can catch, right here, on!

For more details on season 2 and its feature, make sure you check back right here on GeekNation!

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