‘The Simpsons’ Will Crossover with Themselves in This Year’s Treehouse of Horror

By September 10, 2014

Back in 1987, a family made of yellow were introduced to TV viewers around the world courtesy of FOX’s “The Tracey Ullman Show.”

They were named The Simpsons and this crudely drawn and HILARIOUS family would appear as interstitial bits throughout Ullman’s show for the next three seasons before getting their own half-hour series on the network.

Since the debut of “The Simpsons” in 1989, the family went through a few makeovers before becoming the most recognizable family on the planet. And while I prefer the early seasons of the gang when they were crudely drawn and their mouths a little wonky when they talked, I fell deeper in love with them as the seasons went on.

Now going into season 26, we FINALLY get the “Treehouse of Horror” episode old school fans like myself have been waiting for: a crossover between Ullman-era Simpsons and present-incarnation Simpsons. (YAY!) “Treehouse of Horror XXV” will include a parody of 2001’s The Others, in which the present day Simpson family will find themselves haunted by another family (the “Tracey Ullman Show”-era Simpsons), conduct a seance, and then…WORLDS COLLIDE!!

When asked for details, executive producer Al Jean told EW Online:

People remember Dan’s (Castellaneta a.k.a. Homer) [old voice for the character], but Nancy’s (Cartwright a.k.a. Bart) is different too. It was lower-register, and you can see in the difference in this segment. It was really funny to get the interplay (of the two families) and for the actors to see the voice evolution. The great thing is we didn’t have to ask — we already had the cast hired for the Tracey Ullman Simpsons.

When asked how the TU-era Simpsons will be introduced, Jean said “We’ve implied that they were murdered and buried under the house, so this is expanding that thought. If people want a real Halloween bloodbath, they get it.”

I am FILLED with glee.

“Treehouse of Horror XXV” premieres October 19th on FOX, and The Simpsons will also be crossing over with “Family Guy” and “Futurama” soon as well.

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