The Sports Geek: Family Time at the Olympics

By July 30, 2012

As a sports geek I have to admit that my family generally doesn’t share my crazy love of all sports, except during the Olympics!  This is the time that I can actually sit and watch sports that my family would normally make fun of, like archery and rifle shooting.  I love to swim, and the likelihood of my family watching swim races with me any other time of the year is nil.  But the Olympics change everything!

One of the events that my wife and daughter would probably watch under normal circumstances is gymnastics.  The U.S. women have a remarkable group of vaulters this year. Their worst score would be the envy of any other country!  We enjoyed watching the parents of one of the gymnasts literally cringing with each turn on the uneven bars.  Their faces were priceless.

Synchronized diving is a relatively new sport.  Who would watch this outside of the Olympic games?  Well, I probably would, but I’ll watch just about any sport.  How two people can make the exact same movements while diving at the same time is beyond me. I love it!  The attention to detail that these athletes must have is the dream of anyone with OCD!

Last night I did sneak away to watch team archery.  I’m not sure that I could have gotten anyone else to watch with me.  It came down to the last turn by the Italians.  An 8, and the Americans would have won gold, a 9, they would have a shoot out, a 10, the Italians win gold. The shot was on the line between 9 and 10, giving the Italians the gold medal by a millimeter. This is the kind of stuff that I can really get into!

Lots more to come, I even got to watch equestrian dressage.  I couldn’t tell if the athlete was the rider or the horse.  I’ll take the horse on that one.