The Story of ‘Dancing Man’ Ends in the Best Way Possible: With Moby and More at L.A. Coliseum

By March 9, 2015

Remember that guy that some a-hole shamed at a concert just because he was having a good time? That guy is now getting the BIGGEST party ever!

When this guy wanted nothing more than have a good time and enjoy the music in the best way he knew how, some jackass and their friends not only laughed at him – they took pictures and posted it to the evil hell known as 4chan last month with the caption, “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

Then something wonderful happened: the internet (and a BUNCH of women) stepped in. The first of them being Free Thought Project‘s Cassandra Rules of Los Angeles, who took to Twitter on March 5th with the following message.

Retweeted nearly 3700 times by supporters ranging from celebrities, models, musicians and the everyman — including yours truly — that has finally grown sick and tired of those whose only goal in life is to make others feel miserable, and disallow anything resembling a good time.  As time passed, steam began to build, as more than 2,000 women stepped up with the open offer to dance with said “Dancing Man,” but it’s when the media stepped in that things really took off. With the entire world’s help — that included a successful GoFundMe campaign that netted over $35k in order to throw the man a party (with the remainder going to charity), the “Dancing Man,” known as Sean, was found in London.

Did I mention this all happened within 48 HOURS?! Wow.


Models like Chrissy Teigen, Sports Illustrated cover girl and wife of recent Oscar-winner John Legend wanted to let Sean know he was loved…

…then came Moby‘s EPIC offer:

But where to throw said party?

SOLVED! (p.s. that’s where the 1984 Summer Olympics were held)

And if ALL THAT weren’t epic enough, Pharrell and “Party Hard” ambassador Andrew W.K. also want to party with the man.

The true happy ending is yet to come but until then, Sean has created a Twitter account to express his thanks to the world.

So shines a good deed in a weary world. I love you all.

(Many thanks to LAist for the heads up!)

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  • kRobbie

    that just rocks my world, can’t believe there are people with such low self esteem that would crush a dude like that

  • extraterrestrial

    those jerks will get what karma has waiting for them, and when they get it…lol

  • Muhranduh

    I love things like this happening, it restores my faith in this dying humanity

  • Annie

    bet he had the best time in his life!

  • YAmendola

    can I get a party??? I LOVE to dance!!! hahahahaha