The Trailer For New Cult Drama ‘The Path’ Starring Aaron Paul Is Here

By January 10, 2016

Well, now I have to sign up for Hulu.

Featuring the impressive cast of Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Michelle Monaghan (True Detective) and Hugh Dancy (Hannibal); The Path trailer just showed up and smacked me right in the face. Check it out:

That was intense. Brought to us by the Executive Producer of Friday Night Lights and Parenthood isn’t exactly a telling account of the darkness this trailer holds. I received a way more True Detective type darkness here and liked it.

Aaron Paul plays a character who’s recently converted to “Meyerism” (Which to my understanding is NOT a Michael Myers cult, unfortunately) along with his wife (Monaghan) to which Dancy plays the pyscho banana sandwich leader of. Things clearly do not go well. The show premieres March 30th of this year, only on Hulu.

Is this something you’ll be making time for? Stay tuned to GeekNation for more updates on former Breaking Bad stars joining cults.

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