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By June 12, 2012


GeekNation was all over Wizard World Philly hosting panels, conducting interviews, and throwing one awesome party. One panel I hosted was The Vampire Diaries Q&A with Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) and Torrey DeVito (Dr. Meredith Fell). The Vampire Diaries is a show on the CW about, believe it or not, vampires. Before you go and write it off as another Twilight knockoff, just know that while the show does have a love triangle between two vamps and a girl, it is not nearly the ridiculous, cheesiness that the Twilight series is.

The Vampire Diaries finished its third season and has been renewed for a fourth. I started off the Q&A by asking what they could tell us about the upcoming season and, even though they couldn’t say too much and Paul pointed out that they don’t tell him anything anyways, they did drop a few hints. Paul stated that the character Stefan was going to “develop a relationship with someone, and I’m not going to say who.” Torrey had this to say about her character in season four: “You’ll definitely see more of Meredith. I have no idea where they’re going to take her. I like that she’s more of one of the grounding characters. I think she’ll continue to try to help people even if it’s in a corrupt way like feeding them vampire blood.”


Spoiler Alert for season three: Paul also thought that since Stefan and Elena were now both vampires, that there is going to be “a lot of…sex.” He immediately changed that to “hugging and maybe a kiss on the cheek” after he realized the audience was at least 80% twelve-year-old girls. He said it would be interesting to see if Stefan accepts Elena as a vampire. “I think a lot of it [season four] is going to be him dealing with his guilt of exposing her to the world of vampires.” He noted that the show tends to make its own rules: “If the writers find themselves stuck somewhere, they say, ‘Bonnie, make a spell.’ I’m looking forward to seeing what happens and if it doesn’t work, I’m sure they’ll fix it with a Bonnie spell. Every writer should have that crutch.”

End spoiler.

I pointed out that The Vampire Diaries is a serious show and asked what things were like behind the scenes. Paul answered, “It is a very intense show. We can’t do any funny outtakes. There’s a lot of tension because we don’t have the luxury of shooting inside. We’re always on location with the sun going down. I’ve done a fair amount of television and this is the most stressful show I’ve ever done. That’s the truth.”

Here are some tidbits from what we learned as they answered audience questions:

  • Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes) is the most like her character in real life. Torrey said, “She’s that happy person literally.”
  • Torrey has no problem with Paul kissing other women on the show (they are married in real life). “I actually critique him, ‘you have to move her face that way and yours that way.’ I think because we do the same thing we understand and get that it’s just a job. Every love scene is so technical too. Even if you want it to be romantic, it’s not.”
  • Paul prefers playing the Ripper: “It’s more fun for me. But I know everything gets old after a while so hopefully I’ll be able to jump back and forth. As actors we always want to do different things and be versatile.” Torrey had her own opinion as to why he likes playing the Ripper: “I feel like the Ripper matches his personality in real life. It’s easier for him to identify with.” She was (hopefully) just joking, so don’t be scared of Paul ripping your throat out if you ever meet him.
  • Paul is “Team Stefan.” As he put it, “What am I, a masochist?!?”

The Vampire Diaries returns this fall on the CW. Will you be tuning in?

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