‘The Walking Dead’ Finally Casts Negan!

By November 10, 2015

Before jumping into the latest casting news for The Walking Dead, warning, there are SPOILERS ahead. We will be getting into some speculation AND recounting some scenes and characters from the comic book… You’ve been warned.

Still here? Okay then….

While fans of The Walking Dead try and crack the mystery behind Glenn’s death/disappearance, the producers of the hit AMC show are moving on with their plan of introducing the most popular characters from the comics into the TV adaptation. And funny enough, Glenn’s biggest enemy, at least in the comic book, has now been cast. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the Comedian from Zack Snyder’s Watchman, looks to be ready to pick up the barbed wire bat, according to a report from Variety.

If this doesn’t get fans talking about whether or not Glenn is dead I don’t know what will. For as I mentioned, in the comics – SPOILERS – the character of Negan beats Glenn to death in one of the most gruesome ends to a major character.

Most fans that follow both comic and show have been waiting for Negan and in that, have been bracing themselves for the eventual end of one of their favorite characters. However, TWD producers threw everyone a curve ball when, not two episodes ago, seemingly killed off Glenn when he was swarmed by a herd of Walkers on the ground near a dumpster. But because we didn’t really see if it was Glenn and not Nicholas who became a hot lunch, the fans haven’t given up hope.

Just look to twitter and #GlennLives and #GlennIsAlive and you’ll see what I mean.

Back to the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – this is a great get. Morgan has the look and the, well, grit and darkness to pull off the character. And Negan needs it. He’s an interesting character that brought a lot more weight to the comic, more so than the character of the Governor in my opinion. Great casting…

And so, with this casting, fans can go back to speculating about Glenn. Some will assume he is actually alive because of the casting of Negan. But in my opinion, just because Negan is now in the mix doesn’t mean he was cast purely to kill Glenn. I look to the comics as my main source of speculating. In most cases, when it comes to finally killing off a main character, it doesn’t always follow the storyline to the comics. I look especially to the death of Tyrese and Herchel. Tyrese, in the comics, went out the same way Herchel did in the show, horribly I might add, at the hands of The Governor and Michonne’s Katana Blade. Lot’s of characters have followed suit, getting a fitting end on the show but at the hands of a different character/Walker.

Whatever your thoughts are, for now, Glenn is gone and Negan will, perhaps, take his barbed wire bat to someone else’s head… We can only speculate endlessly now that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has finally been cast.

Meantime, I leave you with this – with a question. You still think Glenn is dead?


No word yet on when Jeffrey Dean Morgan will report to props for his barbed wire bat but that won’t stop me (or anyone else I’m sure) from speculating about Glenn’s whereabouts. So I’ll ask everyone again, if he does live… will he be on Negan’s radar next? We’ll have to wait and see.

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  • Hendy Suz

    I LOVE JDMorgan!!! Thought I’d heard he was going to the Good Wife after his time with Halle Barre in Extant… but since I don’t watch GW – I am STOKED he’s with us here!!

  • David Johnson

    Maybe they killed Glenn off just so they could continue on their current path of telling their own story. Can’t wait till they bring JD Morgan into the story He’s an amazing actor.

  • David Johnson

    Maybe they killed Glenn off just so they could continue on their current path of telling thier own story. Can’t wait for JDM to join the cast Hes an amazing actor!!