‘The Walking Dead’ Meant for a Different Network, With a Different Lead

By December 27, 2015

According to Uproxx  (via ScreenRantThe Walking Dead was almost a very different show.

Have you ever heard of the one true Punisher AKA Thomas Jane? Ok, I added the first part to his name and it’s totally opinion but yes, Thomas Jane played the best Punisher in the best movie about the Punisher to date. The one with John Travolta mailing it in from far, far away and the Johnny Cash dude with the guitar. Not the Punisher where the guy doesn’t speak or the one from the 80’s with just for men hair dye Ivan Drago.

From dealing with the apocalypse in The Mist to becoming a male prostitute to pay his bills in Hung he’s always been underrated. He can play a great everyman/badass who will mess sh*t up but only if he absolutely has to. Sounds perfect for a show like The Walking Dead. 

It was almost so. The great Frank Darabont who originally ran the show had shopped Dead to HBO with Thomas Jane in mind to play the  main dude himself Rick Grimes.

I have no qualms with Andrew Lincoln who ended up nabbing the role. He does a great job. But personally I’d just be lying to your faces right now if I told you that I didn’t think the show would have been totally different with Thomas Jane in the lead. He would have added somehow a more comic book feel to the show which after all is based on a comic book. Not to mention the guy can go from testosterone fueled berzerko mode right into teary eyed dad if needed. Also, did you see the ending to The Mist? 

We are also missing a huge point here…..HBO. Could you have imagined The Walking Dead on HBO? Well it doesn’t take that weird naked Oracle lady from 300 to figure it out. Lots more blood. Lots more sex. I mean, the zombie’s would have been banging eachother. That’s the HBO way. Whether or not that’s a good thing is a matter of pure personal opinion. (Not the zombie sex part thats just wierd)

Again I think Andrew Lincoln has done a great job and I’m just being honest. Truthfully it’s the other guy about to play the Punisher on Netflix that I still don’t like. I can’t get over the fact that Jon Bernthal’s character slept with his bro’s wife after he “died”. Yes, I know it’s just a TV show. Yes, I still hate Jon Bernthal for it. Sorry. Not sorry. Do you fine folks think The Walking Dead would have been better with Jane and HBO? Keep your eye to GeekNation for more stories about zombie sex.

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Mike Holtz
Mike Holtz is just a guy looking for any excuse to talk movies and needs to be able to give people a legitimate reason to spend what they spend on popcorn each month. The Dad to a superhero little girl with another on the way, Mike's also written for a few cool websites and talked for a few more. Also, Mike cries like a school girl every time he watches 'Rocky.'
  • David Johnson

    Not sure i would have wanted the HBO Touch on #TWD (they probably would have had a Laurie, Rick, Shane threeway). Thomas Jane over Andrew Lincoln could end up being quite the debate I’ve enjoyed many of the movies Jane has done but not sure that wouldn’t have distracted Me from the Grimes Character. Personally I can’t wait to see what Bernthal brings to Daredevil, hell What Would Netflix done with #TWD????

    • HBO would have kept the Dale,Andrea, and Carol threesome from the comics.

      • David Johnson

        One of these days I need to actually read the comics!!!!

        • Alexis Martinez

          good stories in the Comics, hell Andrea was still alive come issue 100 and the meeting with Negan.

  • Drakman

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWpK0wsnitc Thomas Jane was a much better Punisher in this short movie than he was allowed to be in the movie.