‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 13, “Alone”

By March 10, 2014

Let me just get this joke out of the way…I’m unofficially naming this episode “What About Bob?”. I’m not proud of myself. It is a question I’m sure none of us have asked, yet here we are, getting a major Bob storyline. I feel like I’ve stuck with this show when many others have given up on it, but when my favorite story lines are all romance-oriented, I have to ask myself this question: Why am I watching “The Walking Dead” to get lovey-dovey stuff? Oy. There were a few exciting moments, I guess, and it ended with the possibility of something juicy in the future…so there’s that. Let’s plod through it – much like this show has done since it started up again back in February.

Through a flashback, we learn that Bob had been in two groups before joining the prison compound, we see his initiation by 3 questions into the group and we find out his greatest fear is ending up [cue episode title], ALONE. This is why Bob  is completely devoted to helping Maggie find Glenn. I definitely became more sympathetic to Bob this episode, but I still don’t want any focus on him. Sorry! Sasha is completely over the Glenn search and wants to find a secure place to set up house.


Maggie overhears Sasha and Bob discussing the search for Glenn, how they are risking their lives for someone who is most likely dead, and she goes off on her own, leaving a note that says “Don’t risk your lives for me. Good luck.” I like to think the note was dripping with sarcasm, because honestly, is it anymore dangerous looking for someone than just wandering around or setting up in a shelter somewhere? Everything thing is dangerous in this world!

Meanwhile, in the storyline I live for….Daryl and Beth! Jeez. I’m in love with these two. I did not see this coming at all, but boy is it great. After Daryl gives Beth a crossbow lesson, Beth sprains her ankle when they have to dispose of a walker. Daryl gives her a piggy back ride. Crossbow lesson and piggy back ride with Daryl Dixon? That’s basically my Daryl Dixon dream date. There is a sweet cemetery moment and hand holding. Awww! And a nation of “Walking Dead” fans scream “Carol who?” They end up in a funeral home, where Beth once again proclaims her belief that there is still good in the world after seeing dead people dressed, and the duo take refuge there while Beth’s ankle heals.
Next up…Bob and Sasha have a bit of a moment. After arguing a bit about their very different outlooks, Bob plants a smooch on Sasha. But they still part ways: Bob is off to find Maggie and Sasha is off to find her safe haven. And her new place even has a view! Unfortunately, the view is of Maggie being attacked by walkers!


The women join forces and defeat the horde of walkers, before setting off to find Bob. The reunion is sweet and I couldn’t help but feel happy for annoying, boring Bob.

Back at the funeral home, Daryl has prepared a feast for the injured Beth. THIS SCENE. A one-eyed dog initially spooks the duo when it shows up at the door before quickly running off. Beth and Daryl discuss staying at the funeral home, and Daryl decides that maybe the previous residents wouldn’t mind if they stayed. Beth asks what changed his mind about good people still existing, and then Daryl gives her the look that says “YOU.” And I died. I DIED.


But before we can get some sexy times, that damn dog appears to be back. Nope. It’s a throng of damn walkers! Daryl orders Beth to get the heck out of there while he distracts the walkers. When he’s finally able to get out of the the funeral home, he sees Beth speeding away in a car. What the heck, Beth? He runs after her, before he falls asleep on some railway tracks, exhausted. He wakes up when he’s confronted by the intruders that Rick came in contact with a few episodes back. Daryl clocks the leader, Joe, before estanding down. “Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people?” says Joe. Sounds like a good guy. Whoa, boy. And I already miss the Beth and Daryl horror romcom!


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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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  • Timothy W Williams

    Who could care less about Bob. GIve me more of the whole Daryl and Beth Scenario. Nothing screams love like taking on a pack of flesh eating zombies!