‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 14, “The Grove”

By March 17, 2014

Well, this show finally got friggin’ good again! Too bad it was in such a gut-wrenchingly, shocking kind of way. I mean, DAMN! Anyway, let’s dive in, I guess. Even though I still haven’t completely recovered from watching it.

This episode’s cold open was short and creepy, with Lizzie playing outside with a walker. BECAUSE SHE THINKS THE WALKER’S HER FRIEND! But I’m jumping ahead of myself. We’re back on the road to Terminus with the grimmest group on the show, baby Judith, Mika, the clearly mentally ill Lizzie, Tyreese and Carol with the huge friggin’ secret. Oh, the possibilities for horrifically traumatic events with this group, am I right? Actually, yes. I am right. Way too right.

That night Carol continues her bonding with adopted daughter, Lizzie, telling her about the kindhearted ways of her biological daughter, Sophia. “Is that why she isn’t here now?” says Lizzie. Jeez, show a little tact, disturbed girl! The next day, Carol tries to soften the Sophia-esque Mika up. IF ONLY IT WORKED! Meanwhile Lizzie shows sympathy towards someone for once; unfortunately it’s when she convinces Tyreese to not kill a walker on the tracks. Oh boy.

Carol and Tyreese decide to leave the girls all alone to investigate a house. Why oh why do they think this is ever a good idea? I’ll never know. While the adults are gone, naturally the girls are confronted by a walker. Luckily, Mika sucks it up and shoots the walker, eventually getting the head. Not bad, considering she’s a lover, not a fighter. Unluckily, Lizzie is not happy about the walker death. She goes into a complete emotional tailspin. Mika tells her to count the flowers in an attempt to calm her sister. Oy.  That’s never a good sign.

Next up, the gang move into the house and live happily ever after. HAHA! No. The next morning we revisit the opening scene, Carol is making tea as Lizzie frolics outside with the undead. Naturally, being relatively sane, Carol kills the walker which sends Lizzie into full on breakdown mode. “She was my friend!” Lizzie screamed. Something similar actually happened to me once, after I flushed my 3-year-old niece’s number two down the toilet. My niece seems much more reasonable now. But I digress…

Then we have another scene of Carol trying to toughen Mika up, but Mika is just too gentle of a little girl. Thanks for making what’s about to happen even more horrible, writers. Real nice of ya!

When Mika catches Lizzie feeding the walker on the tracks, Lizzie defends the walkers, almost letting herself be turned into one just to prove her point that they’re misunderstood creatures. But before she can, a group of those misunderstood creatures comes to kill them all. Lizzie, I’m guessing reluctantly, joins the humans in shooting them down.

Tyreese and Carol then have a super uncomfortable scene in which Tyreese admits to Carol the nightmares he has been having and the grief  he still suffers from regarding Karen’s death. He trusts Carol, even embracing her as she cries. UGH. But we don’t have too much time to feel all torn apart about that devastating scene because when the duo return to the house, they find Lizzie. Standing with a knife. A knife she used to stab her sister to death. Sweet Mika. I believe the popular teenage saying is “I. Can’t. Even.”


Everyone plays it cool, letting Lizzie think that they’re all going along with her awesomely twisted plan to turn Mika. Tyreese suspects that it was Lizzie who killed Karen, Carol foolishly convinces him that that can’t be true. DUMB CAROL!  What to do about Lizzie? There is only one option. And it is GRIM. Carol takes Lizzie out to the pasture, literally, tells her to look at the flowers and then shoots her. Ooof.


But this episode is STILL not finished putting us through the wringer! That night, Carol slides the gun towards Tyreese and confesses that she’s the one who killed Karen. It is a tense scene, finally ending with Tyreese forgiving Carol. The next day they are back on the road to Terminus leaving what happened behind, but never forgetting. Best episode this season.


What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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  • At the beginning of the episode, I believe I tweeted something about how annoying and useless these little girls are for the story. So…dare I be the horrible person and thank the writers for this ghastly decision? Anyway, two kids are murdered in the prison in the comic book…so…maybe that was also an influence?

  • Susan P Graham

    That was far ans away the most brutal episode of this series I have had the displeasure of watching. I am about done with this show.

  • Opintuff

    One of the best, yet most disturbing episodes.

  • Thety1931

    Great episode. I almost fell off the couch when they found Lizzie covered in blood…

  • Withentramor

    It was a great episode and one of the reasons I watch this show.

  • Muther

    It was a good one. Carol is always a perfect reflection of what I think that situation would do to me. She did the right thing.

  • Ken

    Nooooooo Mika 🙁