‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 4 Finale, “A”

By March 31, 2014

Season snore has finally come to an end! And the finale joins the last few episodes as one of the best of the season. I realize this isn’t saying a damn thing, considering how many clunkers there were, but it was a solid episode nonetheless. Was it finale-worthy? Some complain that there were no “shocking” deaths, but at this point if you’re expecting a death is it really all that shocking? I would argue that there was a huge death. Goodbye, Farmer Rick, may you rest in peace! But before we let go of Farmer Rick, we get one last glimpse of him through a series of flashbacks that open the episode and are sprinkled throughout. And look at this cute picture I found! It’s the best!


Hershel is back for those flashbacks and boy do I miss that sweetheart of a man! Hershel is teaching Sheriff Rick how to become Farmer Rick, so Rick can then teach his boy (a term which always makes me think of Walt from “Lost”) how to be something other than a cold-blooded killer. I love you Hershel, but I’m thinking both skills are important in the world that everyone is currently living in. Just a guess. We see Farmer Rick starting to fade, when he, Michonne, and Carl come upon a man being attacked by a group of walkers and Carl tries to help. Rick is like “Nah!” Every man for himself! COLD!

That night, the  group camps out. Carl is sleeping while the adults have a chat about Terminus. Things seem chill, which can only mean something bad is about to happen. And it does! The group of scumbags arrive!  The leader, Joe, points a gun at Rick’s head, telling him he’s basically a POS and he’s going to pay the price for killing one of the scumbags. Scumbags with warped codes of ethics are the worst!


Luckily, Daryl arrives on the scene to save the day! He offers himself up for the revenge beating/death, in order to save the group. And this is why we all love Daryl. Joe agrees to beat Daryl to death, but says after that, they will still be killing Rick and raping Michonne and Carl. JEEZ. I guess that code of ethics is a one way street for Joe. A crazy a** fight ensues!

Rick and Joe are going mano-a-mano, when Joe threatens Rick one last time. I say one last time because after that threat, Rick RIPS JOE’S THROAT OUT WITH HIS TEETH.


Wow. That was insane. Then Rick proceeds to stab Carl’s would-be rapist like a million times. Also dead in the bloody battle…Farmer Rick! Who I think no one will miss. Here’s hoping that he can now spend his days peacefully planting turnips with Hershel in the afterlife.

The next morning Daryl and Rick have a talk. Daryl tells Rick he was trying to break away from the group, about Beth, and then Rick tells Daryl that he is his brother. Throat lump.


The foursome make their way to Terminus and they split up into two groups to scope things out. Michonne and Carl and brothers Rick and Daryl. While scoping things out with Carl, Michonne realizes how disturbed Carl is by his father’s seeming lack of humanity. Michonne finally tells the whole story about what happened to her son. He died because her boyfriend and his friend were getting high instead of paying attention, as they were standing guard. Michonne then let them “turn” as punishment, making them her jawless walker guards. She said that she too had become a monster, until she met Andrea and the rest of the group. She told Carl that Rick will also come around. Pretty great scene, as are most scenes involving Michonne.



And it really firmly establishes the underlying theme of the show from here on out. How do you keep your humanity in a world that seems utterly devoid of it? And is struggling to keep it worth dying for?

They group decide it’s safe to enter Terminus, after they bury some weapons outside, just in case. Once they do, they are greeted by another eerily chipper resident, Gareth, who allows them to keep their weapons. Am I the only one who’s always wary of overly cheerful people? Case in point:


Mary feeds the group mystery meat from the grill, as Alex, another weirdly cheerful resident, says things about how they get stronger “the more people become a part of us.” and “That’s why we put up the signs, invite people in… it’s how we survive.” Hmmm…this is all seeming very “Twilight Zone”/Soylent Green. Yes?

Then Monster Rick notices that Alex is wearing the pocket watch that Hershel gave Glenn and he goes pretty much bonkers. After a big shoot out,  the group is basically herded into a garage, full of bones and creepy messages like  “Never Trust” and “We First, Always” scrawled. The good news is the foursome is reunited with Glenn, Maggie, Bob, Sasha, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, and Tara!  The bad news is…where are Tyreese and Carol and WTF is happening here? But Monster Rick isn’t worried. He rips throats out with his teeth, yo!


And just when things are getting good, it’s over. If only this episode happened back in February, when it should have. CURSES!

What did you think of the finale and the season in general? Will you be back for season five? Let us know in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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