‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: “Infected”

By October 21, 2013

Wow wee! This week’s episode was action-packed and quick-paced, kind of like an uber-fast moving super virus, don’t you think? Let’s dig into it like it was a juicy rat head, shall we?

Speaking of delicious rats…this epsiode opened up with a little intrigue as we discover that someone inside the camp is possibly a saboteur, going out late at night to feed the walkers in order to keep them eagerly pressed against the fence. For real, that flimsy fence is stressing me out. It’s gonna be an embarrassing scream that emerges from deep inside me the day it finally collapses under walker weight.

Next up we get a little glimpse into the budding romantic relationship of Tyreese and Karen. It must be hard to romance a lady under these circumstances; “Your cell or mine?” just doesn’t cut it for me. Karen goes to freshen up in the disgusting prison bathroom, because I guess your standards get extremely low during a zombie apocalypse? Also, would you go anywhere alone – like, ever – in that damn prison? Me neither.


As if to prove how much smarter we are than Karen, we see walker Patrick strolling the halls!  But Karen lucks out, as Patrick is distracted by a snoring disposable character, rips his throat out, and then feasts on him all night long before enlisting him as his partner in walker crime.

A lovey-dovey Glenn and Maggie moment (aww), and then we cut to Michonne about to embark on another Governor hunt and questioning the whole farming BS. GO MICHONNE!

BUT THEN THINGS GET REAL. Lizzie and Mika run out with news of the walker invasion. Naturally, instead of running to safety as Rick instructed him to do, Carl runs toward the gate to let Michonne back in, because even “farmer’” Carl still doesn’t listen! Rick reaches for his non-existent gun instinctively (D’OH!), and Carl gets a rifle and picks off some walkers before they bite into Michonne. But as we all know, the worst part about battling walkers is how it always attracts more walkers. Perhaps the farmers should craft some homemade silencers?


Inside the prison it is MAYHEM, as the walkers kill a lot of the characters we don’t know and the characters we do know kill walkers, which is always awesome. I love the new ways they always find to crush a walker’s skull. That must be the most fun writer’s room brainstorming session ever. (Get it? Brainstorming?)

But then Lizzie and Mika’s dad, Ryan, is bit. Oh man. There’s a long goodbye scene before badass Carol knifes him in the head.

Once things calm down a bit, Herschel, Rick, and Dr. S come to the horrifying conclusion that there was some kind of swine flu infection and basically everyone has been exposed. W.T.F. The council meets up and creates a plan to treat and quarantine those infected on Death Row (prophetic much?). Then Karen coughs. See ya later baby! Sorry Tyreese!

Meanwhile, Carol schools her new charges about being wimps and Rick and Daryl bury the dead. Everyone seems to be ignoring the throngs of walkers congregating at the oh-so-flimsy fence, but they finally notice and start to bash their skulls in. I don’t know – personally, I think I’d always be conscious of walkers at the fence pretty much every second of the day.  How do you ever get jaded about the existence of walkers?


Rick devises a plan to use the pigs to lure the walkers away from the fence. It works and the fence gets a much-needed re-enforcement. Guess we don’t have to worry about that fence collapsing ever again, right?

Rick gets sprayed with lots of pig blood. No biggie. UNTIL HE COUGHS.

My for sure favorite non-action moment of the episode had to be the scene with Michonne and baby Judith. DAYUM. I ain’t gonna lie, I snot cried.

Rick burns down the pig sty and gives Carl back his gun. RIP Farmer Rick, welcome back Rick-tator!

But Farmer Rick isn’t the only one dead. Tyreese goes to bring his lady love Karen some posies, only to find Karen and another unidentified person have been burnt to a crisp. Such is the nature of dating during the zombie apocalypse. And you thought someone you liked not texting you back right away was a bummer! I am loving this evil saboteur! Who do you think it is? I have no clue.

What do you think of how the season is shaping up? Let us know in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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