‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: “Too Far Gone”

By December 2, 2013

Jeez. Nope. I did not like the outcome of this episode one bit. Why did the writers have to get all George R.R. Martin on us like that? I’m still upset. Not Red Wedding upset…but still! Anyway, let’s start from the beginning of this grim episode, where characters we actually love (or love to hate) meet their end. I miss the days of random characters we hardly knew at all dying!

We start with the Governor convincing his people that they need to “steal” the prison from its current occupants, who he describes as being liars, thieves, and murderers. Unfortunately, no one who knows the real Governor is there to throw shade his way by saying some kind of zombie-fied pot/kettle joke.

We also learn that the Governor has some big time bargaining chips: Michonne and Hershel! Gulp. He claims that his hostages will lead to a peaceful surrender, one in which no one will be hurt. THIS IS DEFINITELY GOING TO HAPPEN!! (<<sarcasm font)


The good news is Lilly is finally beginning to have doubts about ol’ Brian!! It doesn’t really help matters, but I guess it’s a good sign? Don’t worry though, her cluelessness in other areas – like, say, mothering – still remains strong! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Governor then interrogates Michonne and Hershel. Dear sweet Herschel tries to go the old “treat the monster like a human in order to humanize him” approach, because he’s Hershel, the sweetest most loving person ever and I just can’t. NOOOO! LALALALALA!

He asks the Governor, “If you understand what it’s like to have a daughter, then how can you threaten to kill someone else’s?” To which the Governor responds coldly, “Because they aren’t mine.”

And this, my friends, is pretty much the show. When the sh*t hits the fan are you a Governor or are you a Hershel? Or maybe you’re a Rick…constantly in between? PICK A DAMN SIDE, RICK!


Then we see what’s happening at the prison once again, we get a sweet Glenn and Maggie scene, and Rick finally tells Daryl about Carol!! OH CRAP it’s gonna get crazy…and actually Daryl takes it pretty well. Side note…how did I just realize that Daryl and Carol rhyme? Before they can inform Tyreese about Carol, he shows up with a rat splayed and dissected on a plank…which leads me to believe that one of the children is a future serial killer. OH! And Bob is suspicious again.

The Governor pulls his tank up and gives the prison occupants until sundown to leave. Rick tries to trade himself for Herschel but the Governor’s like “NAHHH!”  because the Governor makes good decisions (well at least in terms of his objectives). Unlike Lilly…

Back at the Govenor’s camp, Lilly lets Meghan play near the creek where she just saw a Walker and guess what? Meghan gets bit by a Walker! I know…crazy right? I guess you don’t have to be undead to act brainless.

Back at the negotiating session, Rick reluctantly goes along with Hershel’s suggestion that the two factions share the prison. The Governor seems surprised that Rick is amenable to Hershel’s plan. And just when you think that everything’s going to work out fine…well actually I never thought that…the Governor hacks Hershel in the neck with Michonne’s sword. WHAT. Then he decapitates him. Oy. It makes me sick to think of all Hershel has survived only to be taken down by the Governor this way. Damn.

Then Lilly walks in carrying Meghan’s body. The Governor shoots her in the head (oy again!) and then instructs his peeps to kill ’em all! Here we go!

Mitch and his tank break through the gates, while Rick and the Governor go mano-a-mano. Until Michonnee stabs the Governor in the chest.YES! Even though I’ll actually miss you because you were an awesome villain and I have doubts that the rat killer will be as good.

The prison is in absolute chaos and the mid-season finale ends in chaos as well. Everyone is split up, Judith is missing and thankfully the stagnant life at the prison is over…because it was pretty damn boring there. Oh! And Lilly shoots the Governor in the head…like two episodes too late. Sorry, Hershel!

What do you think? Were you pleased with the mid-season finale? Are you already jonesing for the mid-season premiere on February 9th? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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    The Walking Dead is the most thrilling show on tv currently, it just gets better and better by episode!