The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker Is Now A Guardian Of The Galaxy!

By April 17, 2013

If you’re following Michael Rooker’s feed on Instagram (on which he is VERY active) like I do, you’d have noticed about six days ago that something was up when Rooker showed off his “new ‘do”.

And 3 days ago you’d see Rooker taking a pre-flight selfie on his way to somewhere awesome…

“Earlier today arriving in the UK one body part at a time.” – Michael Rooker

AND THEN if you’re following Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn’s Instagram feed (also like I do), you’d have seen this adorable pic of Rooker with Gunn’s dog at Gunn’s temporary London home.

For Rooker/Gunn fans, all roads should point to “Rooker’s doing GOTG!” and you’d be right, but not in the role you’d think; it’s way better.

On Tuesday, confirmation of The Walking Dead‘s Michael Rooker joining the cast of Guardians Of The Galaxy spread like a house on fire; thing is that he’ll NOT be Rocket Raccoon, as many (myself included) had hoped and speculated. Rooker will be taking on the role of Yondu, one of the founding four members of GOTG.

Who is Yondu?

A member of the Zatoan tribe (of Centauri IV), Yondu Udonta (born in the late 30th century) is a hunter whose homeworld was the first planet outside Earth’s solar system colonized by humans and his people fled and severed contact when massive numbers of “colonizers” started showing up around 2940 A.D.

In 3006 A.D., Yondu crosses paths with astronaut Vance Astro and after fisticuffs and forgivesies between the two, they team up to fight the evil alien race (known as the Badoon) that has taken over the planet. While attempting to find help (as Yondu believes his people have been slaughtered), they find themselves captured by the Badoon and sent to Earth (which has also been taken over) and manage to escape. Teaming up with Charlie-27 of the Jupiter colony and Martinex of the Pluto colony, the four create the Guardians Of The Galaxy in order to fight the Badoon occupation/oppression; once that mission was accomplished, they remained together to safeguard the rest of the galaxy.

Bad A**, RIGHT?!

Rooker joins previously confirmed castmates Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) and Dave Bautista (Drax The Destroyer) with Zoe Saldana nearly set (but not confirmed) to play Gamora while the casting fate of Rocket Raccoon and Groot is still unknown at this point (but after seeing the trailers for Kick-Ass 2, I gotta say I’m pulling for Jim Carrey as Groot).

The rest of the cast should fill out soon enough as GOTG has a summer shoot date in order to hit theaters by August next year.

As someone who’s been a fan of Rooker’s since first laying eyes on him in 1986’s Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (which I used as part of a project on serial killers a couple years later in high school), I am BEYOND thrilled and relieved to FINALLY see Rooker where he belongs: a supe in a Marvel blockbuster. If he’d been cast as the villain in GOTG, I’d have been just as happy…because let’s face it, Michael Rooker is talented as f*** and someone who NEVER forgets that while his talent got him where he is, it’s the fans who keep him there. If you don’t believe me, check his Instagram feed; he regularly posts pics with fans from his travels across the world.

Not to mention Rooker was working out like a demon during his days on The Walking Dead so I really don’t mind seeing him wear a strategically placed warrior’s loincloth, boots and a smile as he’s peppering enemies with arrows and other implements of badassery.

Guardians Of The Galaxy hits theaters August 1, 2014.

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