The Week in GeekNation

By June 22, 2012

Let’s take a look back at a few of the amazing videos, podcasts and blogs from the week in GeekNation, shall we?

We started the week off with the BloodCast, True Blood Podcast. It was week two for the BloodCast and we’re doing a special giveaway. It’s not too late to enter, so listen to Monday’s episode and leave your answer in the comments below and you will be eligible to win a one-of-a-kind, BloodCast gift pack. We’ll also be live chatting during both east and west coast feeds of the show on Sunday so just log into Skype, add TheBloodCast to your contacts, and you’ll be popped into our live group chat.

Clare Kramer had a little sit-down with True Blood’s Sam Trammell in Take 5.

Kevin McCarthy flew all the way to New York to get bitch slapped by Steve Carell.

The multi-talented Clare Kramer has started blogging, so find out what she thinks about “Bring It On: The Musical” and the HBO show “Girls,” and make sure to check back and see what she’s talking about every week.

Futurama’s John Dimaggio went “Five by Five” with Clare & Tory in this hilarious podcast. Then John was nice enough to become an official GeekNation community member and left a few comments under the podcast.

Stan Lee was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records and GeekNation was lucky enough to be amongst a small group of guests invited to the ceremony.

This week’s SyFy original movie is Arachnoquake and our very own Action Chick will give you the low-down and tell you if it’s worth taking the time to set your DVR to record it this weekend.

We’ve also gotten some great feedback from you, our users and community members. We really appreciate you taking the time to comment on our videos, podcasts and blogs. The ratings that you give our videos and podcasts help us to know what kind of content you want to see more of. Your emails help us to make improvement to the site, and enhance your user experience. We are working hard to create a community and online entertainment destination that all life forms can enjoy, so please continue to let us know if you find any bugs, or something doesn’t work for you, what you like and what you want to see more of.


Your Friendly Neighborhood GeekNation Editor C.J.

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