‘The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt’ Releases Epic Trailer!

By November 24, 2015

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game that sold 6 million copies in 6 weeks and is treating fans to some awesome DLC released what they call an EPIC TRAILER (via GameSpot). Konrad Tomaszkiewicz the Game Director had this to say (via Cd Projekt Reds YouTube):

This year was really epic for the entire crew behind The Witcher. We launched Wild Hunt, the RPG we’ve been working on for so long, then we’ve gone above and beyond to give gamers as many free DLC as we could, and then released Hearts of Stone, which – judging from player feedback – took the game even further. And we innovated all along the way — if you compare Wild Hunt to our previous game, almost every element was improved or changed. Now we’re working on Blood and Wine, the final expansion for Wild Hunt which we will launch in 2016. To thank everyone for being with us this whole time, we’ve prepared something special — enjoy the Epic Trailer!”

I for one can say… this game captivated my imagination like you wouldn’t believe. Also, it has eaten up a great deal of what could have been productive man hours. The quality and detail afforded to this game is unprecedented when you think of it. Replayabitlity is beyond anything I’ve ever played but then again I’m a goner when it comes to sword swinging, dragon killing games.

After viewing the epic trailer who out there in the ‘Nation’ has been playing The Witcher 3? Would love to hear about your experiences with the game! You can do so in the below comment section.

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