‘The Wonder Years’ Finally Hitting DVD with Original Soundtrack Intact

By February 12, 2014

While there was plenty of rejoicing when “The Wonder Years” hit Netflix awhile back, it was ultimately a bit of a disappointment because the series didn’t include some of the original music that accompanied the show when it first aired, including Joe Cocker’s rendition of “With a Little Help from My Friends.” Thankfully, that’s no longer a problem.

A new press release reveals that StarVista Entertainment and Time Life will release “The Wonder Years: The Complete Series” sometime in the second half of this year, and just as they took their time to craft spectacular DVD sets for shows like “Get Smart” and “The Carol Burnett Show,” this will be a meticulously crafted collection of the series starring Fred Savage.

More importantly, just as they did for the series “China Beach,” StarVista and Time Line are getting the rights to “virtually every song” from the original series run. In addition to Cocker’s trademark opening theme, other songs hail from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison and many more. Jeffrey Peisch, senior VP of entertainment programming and marketing for StarVista Entertainment/Time Life says:

“‘The Wonder Years’ has long been the most requested TV show yet to be released on DVD, and we’re thrilled to have the incredible opportunity to bring this iconic show to its many fans. As we’ve done with many other classic TV shows, the series will be treated with the care and attention it fully deserves after all these years, with deluxe packaging, robust extras and a lot more. We’re really big fans of the series, too.”

This is great news for anyone who has ever wanted to own this amazing coming-of-age series for proud display on their shelves, and enjoy the show as it was originally intended when it aired from 1988-1993. We’re wondering if Netflix will be able to update their library with the proper version of the series when it’s available.

If you want to stay up to date on the release of “The Wonder Years” on DVD, stay tuned to WonderYearsDVDs.com for updates, including the ability to pre-order the collection eventually.

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Ethan Anderton
Some of his favorite films include Ghostbusters, The Empire Strikes Back and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, while his favorite TV series include LOST, Mad Men, 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation, Arrested Development and Saturday Night Live.
  • Colt Howard

    Wow, my favorite show growing up! I finally got rid of all my DVDs…This I may have to get and keep.

  • xhristysPrisco5452

    I really wish I could get a Friday Night Lights with the original music. I held them on my DVR for so long and was so sad when an electrical surge fried the thing, forcing me to get a new one.

  • Havem1102

    Any chance the DVD versions could eventually replace the current Netflix streaming versions?